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Story "Snowdrop": a summary. "Snowdrop" Bunin (analysis)

– небольшой рассказ Ивана Бунина. "Snowdrop" - a short story by Ivan Bunin. What is this work about? What is its summary? "Snowdrop" Bunin - this is an insignificant story from the life of a ten-year-old boy. The plot of the work is uncomplicated. But, like other works of "the last Russian classic", this story attracts depth, lyricism.


"Snowdrop" Bunin begins with a laconic description of a small county town and the boy Sasha - the main character. He lives with strangers. It's not easy for him. And although the woman who educates him treats him with tenderness, calling her "snowdrop" for her open gaze and kindness, Sasha longs for her father. He is looking forward to holidays, when a large, curly, graying person comes to Yeletskoye metochion. This is Sasha's father. During the holidays the boy moves to Yeletskoye Podvorye and lives for several days with him.

Maslenitsa. The father comes from a remote estate. Spends with his son a few days. And again leaves it. "Good-bye, Sashenka, Christ is with you!" - the last words of his father. And these words end Bunin's story "Snowdrop". The summary, of course, can not convey the feelings of the protagonist, masterfully described by the author. Therefore, it is worthwhile to consider in more detail the characters of the work.

Snowdrop among the greyness and gloom

Why did Ivan Bunin call this work? "Snowdrop", the summary of which is set out above, is a story about the son of a typical Russian bourgeois. Sasha's father is a man who is far from being a subtle spiritual organization. He has petty-bourgeois ideas about life, he does not reflect on something sublime. There is a scene in the work that is difficult to convey, outlining the summary.

"Snowdrop" Bunin begins with a description of Sasha and the long-awaited appearance of his father. The next day, the man with his son gets into the tavern. It's a dirty, stuffy room. Father orders a few simple dishes and a decanter of vodka. To him, the red-haired peasants in the sheepskin coats, the black-skinned petty bourgeoises in the scabs. Long, incomprehensible conversations begin. And here the reader sees two worlds. One is gray, soulless, gloomy. The other is bright, spiritual. Like a snowdrop that barely makes its way out of the earth, despite the stinking reality.

In the tavern

What is the summary about? "Snowdrop" Bunin, like other works of this Russian writer, should be read in the original. This is the only way to understand the meaning that lies between the lines. Bunin does not characterize his characters. The fact that Sasha's father is a limited person can be understood from the description of feelings, impressions of the boy. He rarely sees his son, but those short hours, which he spends with him, take place in a dirty inn, among drunken peasants, merchants and bathers. Sasha is uncomfortable in this environment. In the tavern natopto, spit, back and forth scurrying sex with frying pans in their hands. Sasha can not be happy here. Nevertheless, this is the most wonderful day in his life.


Despite the fact that Sasha is in this gloomy institution, he is happy. Because my father is next to me. то, что он может находиться вместе с ним, затмевает все: и пьяные разговоры грубых мужиков, и крики извозчиков, и ругань половых. Sasha loves him, and the fact that he can be with him dwarfs everything: the drunken conversations of rough men, the cries of cabmen, and the abuse of sex. In this work, Bunin again turns to the theme of love, in which he among the Russian writers of the twentieth century, perhaps, is not equal. Children's love, which does not require anything in return, can eclipse all the ugliness of the surrounding world. After all, this is a genuine feeling.

Difficult time

The story was written in 1927. The writer, like the whole of Russia, experienced difficult times. It was then that he became particularly close to the genre of prosaic miniatures. The characteristic features of the Bunin style were lyricism and conciseness.

The prose of this author makes you think. It is simple, realistic. But at the same time it is filled with symbols and ideas. At first glance, just a description of several hours in the life of an ordinary boy is Bunin's story "Snowdrop". In the short content, after reading this work, it is impossible to imbue the ideas of the author. In the twenties, the writer was absorbed in sadness about the fate of Russia. And, perhaps, it was through the image of the blue-eyed "snowdrop" that he wanted to convey his hopes, hopes, faith in the emergence of a new man capable of ousting everything dead and stagnant that surrounded Bunin's contemporaries and, unfortunately, still exists today.

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