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What to entertain guests on the anniversary, that all were cheerful and cheerful?

It is wonderful, when during the festive evening on the table there are many delicious dishes, drinks. But this is not enough for a full-fledged fun. So that during the celebration of the round date, all those who came together rallied and had a great time, it is important to know what to entertain guests on the anniversary.

When starting leisure planning, the hosts must represent what age category of people will be present. For a young audience, more competitive contests will work. For the more adult - calm.

Prepare for an entertainment program in advance. It would be good to buy small presents, souvenirs, which will be an excellent incentive for participation in leisure.

When 2-3 toasts are already raised for the traitor, the guests have a good bite, then you can start entertainment. Thinking about what to entertain guests on the anniversary, you can include a couple of well-known contests in the program, but it would be good to prepare more and more.

Dance on the newspaper

This entertainment is known for a long time, but it is still popular. There are several pairs of men and women. Sounds merry music, and the contestants dance on a large spread out newspaper. Gradually, it is folded in half, then again in half and so on until the pair can fit on a piece of paper. The most ingenious men in the end can take their partners in their arms and dance in this way. After all, the main thing is not to get off the newspaper, then you can win. The pair, which lasted the longest on paper, is given a prize.

Further on how to entertain guests at home, if they do not want to get up from their chairs and whirl in fiery dances.

Sitting dances

Called 4-5 people. They sit on chairs facing the audience. The host suggests that they dance on chairs. Participants write out the pretzel for a minute, after that the stop command sounds, and the organizer says that they are tired. He explains that the dancers have tired legs and now it is allowed to dance with any parts of the body except the legs. After a couple of minutes, the next announcement is made that the hands are tired (they are already dancing without them). Gradually, various parts of the body must be immobilized: abdomen, shoulders, head. Now the funniest thing will begin, when the contestants will "dance" only by parts of the face. You will get ridiculous faces, when the tongue, cheeks, lips, nose and even ears will be used. You can complicate the task of the participants, saying that the mouth or tongue is tired. A wonderful mood is provided to all. The main thing is, in the end, do not forget about the prizes for the participants.

But what to entertain guests on the anniversary, if the culprit of the celebration is a man.

Attentive Anniversary

Eubilar need to blindfold and offer to find the hand of his wife among several female handles. It is possible to put among several participants and men. Then the entertainment will be even funnier, and you will not have to puzzle over what to entertain guests. Competitions will raise the mood, introduce all present and create a pleasant atmosphere.

The game of "forfeits" will also come in handy. If there are children at the birthday party, then it is possible to arrange a musical contest, where everyone in turn should sing a line from a famous song. Who thinks more than 10 seconds - drop out.

That's what entertain guests on the anniversary, so that guests do not get bored and then for a long time remembered a beautiful evening. Pleasant prizes and souvenirs will also be an excellent reminder of a fun holiday.

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