Treasurer - this is one of the main professions in the modern economy

Treasurer is a profession that has existed for a long time in Russia. For several tens of centuries there was a significant transformation of the post, but its essence remained unchanged. So, let's work out together, who is the treasurer?

The essence of the profession

Long ago, the man who was in the service of a wealthy citizen was considered a scabbler and was responsible for personal expenses and income of the estate. Now this kind of profession takes a slightly different form. The treasurer is the employee of the company, which controls the liquidity of the organization, that is, it completely monitors the payment tape.

Surprisingly, this post is also present at the state level. The chief treasurer of the country monitors budget expenditures, issuing payments in accordance with the law. A specialist of a commercial organization deals not only with calculations, but also analyzes the current state of the market, conducts comparisons. In case of a deficit, it attracts investors and customers.

Duties of the Treasurer

The specialist is responsible for the control and management of cash flows. And it does not matter, he carries out his duties within the same company or the whole state. The treasurer is the employee who is responsible for organizing the treasury department, if one is present. His job is to draw up a plan, according to which the delivery of funds will be effected. The documentation is also kept on the shoulders of the treasurer. During the working time the specialist must:

  • Manage all accounts that belong to the firm.
  • Regularly (monthly or quarterly) make up a payment calendar.
  • To be engaged in registration of reports on the activity.
  • Analyze and prevent the increase in debt.
  • Establish and maintain business relations with organizations that finance the activities of the company sought.
  • Management of the credit apparatus of the enterprise.

Personal qualities: qualification and incentive

You do not need to be an economist to understand, the treasurer is a responsible position. Accordingly, the availability of higher education is an obligatory criterion when applying for a job. The chances for obtaining the desired position are significantly increased if there is an economic or financial-credit qualification.

It is even more important to have systemic thinking. Implementation of complex mathematical operations, their analysis should not cause confusion in the head. That is why the labor market needs people who have experience not only in the financial field, but also have received a technical education.

In conditions of information progress, the future treasurer should be a confident user of a personal computer, master the development of business plans, and have the skills to manage financial risks. No office worker can successfully carry out financial activities without the ability to make reports and keep records.

The treasurer must have an analytical mindset, quickly resolve complex financial situations. Responsibility, stress resistance, assertiveness and patience are the fundamental qualities of a specialist in this profession. He should not only get a quality education, but also engage in self-improvement. It is this approach that makes it possible to reach large-scale career heights in the shortest possible time.

The minuses of the profession

Any position assumes negative and positive qualities. If you decide to do treasury activities, it is worth knowing about its main shortcomings.

  • Material liability.

Working with funds always assumed great risks. One incorrect decision can result from large monetary obligations for the firm. Therefore, before you start your duties, think hard, are you really ready to take on this responsibility and be responsible for the decisions made?

  • A busy schedule.

The treasurer is almost a round-the-clock profession. Special difficulties arise with the arrival of tax audits. And if you hold a post in a state institution, then during this period you can completely forget about a full-fledged dream.

  • Stress.

This point follows directly from the previous one. Not a single test passes without comment. Great, if you could fix them on the spot! And it's sad, if as a result of control you get a disciplinary penalty.

Positive sides

Along with a string of cons, choosing a treasurer's profession, you can boast:

  • Prestigious work.
  • Comfortable conditions. Now employers do not stint on the design of a beautiful room, because in fact - this is the face of the company.
  • Demand - few people will dare to take responsibility for making decisions about money.
  • High wages - this is perhaps the most pleasant component among all the advantages of the treasurer's profession.

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