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Danny Boyle: Filmography, Career, Private Life

Today we will talk about one of the most famous British filmmakers Danny Boyle. Filmography, the creative path, the personal life of this gifted person - all this will be discussed later in our material.

early years

Danny Boyle, whose filmography will be presented below, was born on October 20, 1956 in the city of Manchester. The boy was born into a family of zealous supporters of the Catholic faith and admirers of religious traditions. From early childhood, our hero regularly participated in the organization of church services. Admiring the work of priests, Danny himself thought about taking dignity when he reached adulthood. However, this was not destined to happen. When the boy turned 14, he was refused admission to the local theological seminary. Church ministers advised the young man not to waste time in vain and to direct his efforts to comprehend one of the secular professions.

Following the recommendations of spiritual mentors, the future director Danny Boyle entered the University of Bangor. Here it was divided into a dramatic department. After graduating from the prestigious educational institution, the guy got a job at the Royal Theater. At the age of 26 he became the creative head of the institution, and very soon took the post of deputy director.

Debut work in the cinema

In the mid-80's, Danny Boyle, whose filmography had not yet compiled a single tape, was invited to British television. Our hero was entrusted with staging several episodes of the popular at that time series "Inspector Morse", the script of which was written based on the adventure novels of writer Colin Dexter.

The director's debut in the big movie for Daniel Boyle was the action tape "Shallow Grave". It is noteworthy that the idea of realizing the project originated in the mindset of the director for quite some time. However, he was able to find the sources of funding for the shooting of the picture only in 1993. In addition to the budget, the director was lucky to find a talented performer of the main role and in the long term a world-wide star - Ewan McGregor, who at that time was an unknown actor.

Successful thriller "Shallow Grave" caused a real sensation in the midst of both sophisticated film fans and authoritative critics. Shortly after the release of the tape, the tape achieved a record box office. As for Boyle and McGregor, the latter secured the status of the most promising director and actor in Britain.

Triumph of the director

Inspired by success, Danny Boyle immediately began to create his second full-length picture. In collaboration with the successful screenwriter Jonathan Hodge, the director decided to film the cultic literary work of writer Irwin Welch - "On the needle". The central role again went to Ewan McGregor.

During the premiere, the band created an unprecedented stir around itself. The film attracted the attention of the widest spectator audience not only with a shocking plot, but also with the sparkling act of actors, subtle humor and its unique atmosphere. Soon the picture was sent to the "Oscar", where she was awarded in the category "Best Adapted Scenario". The sensational work of Danny Boyle immediately gave the director a cult status and brought him the love of millions of grateful spectators.

Fresh Boyle paintings

In 2015, the director made a successful picture of "Steve Jobs." The film talked about the revolutionary technical innovations of Apple. In his creation, Danny was able to shed light not only on the events that led the brand to dominate the digital devices market. The film "Steve Jobs" tells first of all about what kind of person was the famous founder of the company. About how difficult his relations with his family and colleagues were.

At the moment, the last work of Boyle in the big cinema is the continuation of his debut picture - "On needle 2". In 2017, the tape went out in the world box office called "T2 TrainSpotting." It is noteworthy that with the release of the film under this name there was a small trouble. The director had to agree on the right to use the name with James Cameron. The reason was the consonance of the title with the film "Terminator-2", the designation of which is also often indicated in the abridged version - "T2".

Danny Boyle: Filmography

At the moment, the director is the author of a number of films. It:

  • "Battle of the sexes";
  • "A shallow grave";
  • "City of twins";
  • "Beach";
  • "On the needle";
  • "28 weeks later";
  • "Hell";
  • "127 hours";
  • "Slumdog Millionaire";
  • "Trance";
  • "Less common life";
  • "Steve Jobs";
  • "On needle 2" ("T2 TrainSpotting").

Personal life

If we talk about the life of the director outside the set, here for him everything was not so cloudless. Not long ago Boyle's age passed for the sixth decade. During these long years, Daniel never managed to have a family, let alone children.

Recently, the press has been rumored that the director has a romantic connection with the young actress Rosario Dawson. With the last Boyle supposedly started dating after working together on the sensational thriller "Trans".

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