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Screw for springs of the shock absorber with their own hands: step by step instruction and recommendations

Shock absorber - the knot is responsible for comfortable driving. Often, the shock absorber strut requires replacement. For example, flowed or just worked out its resource. In this case, the entire assembly is dismantled. The procedure is time consuming, but not complicated. It will take a tool such as a coupler for springs of a shock absorber. The device is extremely simple, but at the same time necessary for doing such work.

Universal and branded

Despite the fact that the construction of the screed is extremely simple, they come in several forms. For example, dealers of some companies use a proprietary tool that fits only to a particular brand of car. This applies to screeds, although in most cases such scrupulousness is not required.

Universal screeds, as you can understand from the name, will suit everything. Spring - it is everywhere a spring, and the device for working with it will suit any brand of car. As for the craftsmen who repair cars in their garage, they need a coupler. Let's see how to build such a tool with our own hands.

Necessary material and tools

To make the screed yourself, you need a metal rod (armature), two threaded rods (M16), as well as elongated nuts and a metal tube with an internal diameter of 16 mm. This will be enough to make a full-fledged screed.

It is also desirable to have a Bulgarian on hand to cut the reinforcement and a few keys under the nuts. A set of tools is minimal, all this can be found in the garage of any motorist. Now let's take a closer look at the assembly process.

Manufacturing of a coupler for springs of shock absorbers by own hands

With the help of the Bulgarian, we cut off two meter pieces from a pre-prepared pipe. We adjust for the required length of threaded rods. Next, take the reinforcement and mark out eight segments of 30 cm. We saw with the help of a Bulgarian and with any bending equipment we try to make hooks out of the rod.

It is worth noting that you will need a welding machine. If your not, then at the time you can take from a neighbor. We weld 4 pre-cut rods to the nuts, the remaining 4 - to the pipe. In principle, we have made couplers for springs of shock absorbers with our own hands and can use them. Let's look at a few more interesting options that are popular among motorists.

Tightening of the springs of shock absorbers from the jack

There is also an alternative option that does not require special preparation and the availability of a large number of tools. For the manufacture we need a Bulgarian, a connecting rod from the classics, and also an old jack from the VAZ (original). The procedure is as follows.

With the help of the Bulgarian, we cut off the lower support on the jack, and also the rivets. Next, in the place of the lever to raise / lower the jack with the help of welding, mount two eyelets for bolts. In the place where the rivets were removed, weld a piece of pipe size 25x25, the same is done in the place of welded ears, only take the pipe 20x20. You can additionally strengthen the jack by using another piece of pipe cut to the required length. In general, this device for tightening the springs of shock absorbers is quite effective, and it can be done quickly enough without much expense.

What you need to know when dismantling

Coupling of automobile springs is a very dangerous process. If you make a poor-quality syemnik, he can jump off. Because of the high pressure, you risk getting injured. That is why it is necessary to be extremely careful when doing such work. That nothing happens, it is possible to make a stationary coupler. Its design does not differ from the above. The only change is the rigid attachment to the table top. So the coupler for springs of the shock absorber will be reliably fixed, which will significantly reduce the risk of injury. Now consider another popular and extremely effective design.

Simple and affordable

We take two identical lengths of the rod. The thread can be any, but it is most convenient to use standard M16 or M18. The rod must have two threads: one side - left, the second - right, or vice versa. In the center, it is desirable to firmly fix the elongated nut as a stop. There are such purchased bars, so if there is no special machine for threading, go to the car market.

It remains only to weld a few hooks on the nuts - and you can use. For the device to work more gently, it is advisable to lubricate the thread and nut. You can use ordinary engine oil or a solidol. It is necessary to achieve a smooth stroke, almost any lubricant is suitable. You can also use the drawings and refer them to the turner, who will do everything. A coupler for the springs of the shock absorber is manufactured in a few hours.

Cost of screeds in stores

You can not bother at all and buy a finished product in the store. Abundance can pose a dead end. There are hydraulic and mechanical couplers springs shock absorbers. The price for them is significantly different. The cheapest options will cost about 1,500 rubles, but the most expensive ones - about 30,000 thousand. Of course, for single works does not necessarily have to purchase an expensive product. You will have enough mechanical clamps for a couple of thousand rubles.

You can buy hydraulic ties. Work with them is more convenient, but the price tag here is twice as high. There are universal ties with different attachments, but this is also a weighty purchase. Pay attention to the quality mechanical springs springs shock absorbers. The price for a normal product will be in the range of 2-3 thousand rubles.

A few more moments

So we figured out with you that it's not so difficult to make a screed with your own hands. For this, besides desire, a small amount of tools and time, nothing is needed. If the screed is not present, and the spring needs to be removed, then it is better not to risk your own health and not to experiment, but to apply to SRT.

To pull the spring of the shock absorber without screeds will not work, this has already been said. This does not apply to cases where the product has lost its elasticity and has cracks. Working such a spring can not be called. You can find a huge number of options for manufacturing self-made screeds, the most popular ones we have just reviewed.

Homemade screed for springs shock absorber is done quickly and easily. The main thing is that the design should be strong and fulfill its main task. Do not forget that if the coupler jumps off the spring, you can get a serious bruise from the impact, so always try to keep the spring away from the face and securely fix it, if possible.

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