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Stretching: what is it and what are its advantages

Stretching - what is it? This system has been known for a long time. It originated in the 50s, but only twenty years later it was recognized in sports. The name "stretching" is translated from English as "stretching". This is a whole complex of exercises that are aimed at developing flexibility and mobility in the joints.

Stretching: what is it and what are its types

Stretching is included in the training in almost every area of fitness. But nevertheless, it exists as a separate species. Such exercises help to remove fatigue and get rid of stress. This system is recommended for insomnia and sleep disorders. Stretching helps stretch the elastic muscles, which provide full blood circulation. For more effective training, do not forget about the correct breathing. Breathe quietly, without exhaling breath and not holding your breath.

There are three types of exercises, performing which, you stretch and extend your muscles: dynamic, static and ballistic.

To understand the concept of "static stretching", what is it, you need to understand that static movements are very slow and smooth. A fixed posture is accepted and stored for a short period of time. This stretches the stretched muscle groups. Static stretching exercises are called stretching. And it is this species that is considered to be the most effective in this technique.

Rules for stretching

Remember some important requirements that you need to consider when doing stretching:

  1. Do not try to pull the muscles too much.
  2. Each pose should be kept for about 10-30 seconds.
  3. Breathing should be deep and smooth.
  4. While performing the exercise, keep a steady position.
  5. Attention should be focused on the part of the body that you stretch.

Other types of stretching

Dynamic stretching is a springing movement, which is also performed at a slow pace. They end at the end point of the amplitude by holding static positions.

Ballistic stretching is a fast movement performed with a larger amplitude. But this kind provides only a brief elongation and stretching of a separate group of muscles. It lasts as long as the bend of the trunk or swing continues.

Stretching: what it is and why the static form of this technique is more effective

Static stretching harmoniously and naturally develops and strengthens the systems and functions of the body. These exercises activate muscle fibers due to their contraction in response to stretching.

The flexibility of our body is the freedom of movement and action. If you correctly choose the static load for its individual parts, then it will improve many times. Additional mobility is very important, because in our life everything is connected with movement. Therefore, we can conclude that stretching is even more important than normal physical exercises.

If you combine fitness, stretching and other physical activities, then for a long time you will keep excellent health and well-being. Static exercises are suitable for almost everyone, regardless of age and state of health. In addition, you can practice the technique of "Stretching" at home, as it does not require any expenditure for special equipment or equipment.

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