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Mark Twain, The Prince and the Pauper: a summary

Mark Twain wrote in 1882 his famous book "The Prince and the Pauper." The brief content will help you familiarize yourself with this work in just a few minutes, while reading the original can take more than one day. One who once read this fascinating story in his childhood, will be able to remember it, having read the retelling. And someone who has not had the pleasure to get acquainted with this interesting book, for sure will want to read and the source.

M. Twain, "The Prince and the Pauper". Chapter 1

The novel begins with a preface. Here the author writes that he dedicates this work to his children, and tells that this story was passed from mouth to mouth for three hundred years. The author says that maybe it was in fact or is a legend.

The first chapter takes the reader to the end of the 16th century and introduces the poor family of Kanti and the rich Tudor. Both there and there in London one autumn day the boys were born. If the poor child's family was not needed, then the son of the Tudors, the crown prince of Wales, was happy in all of England. The whole country was happy about this event.

Chapter Two

This chapter carries the events forward for several years. It is called "Childhood of Tom" and tells about a boy from the poor family of Kanti. He lived in a dilapidated old house, which was at the end of the Glutton line, in the courtyard of the garbage. The author of the work "The Prince and the Pauper" continues the description of the wretchedness of the place where Tom lived. The summary tells that the boy did not even have a bed. Together with his grandmother and two twin sisters, Bet and Nan, he slept on the floor.

So Tom lived among thieves, beggars, along with his father and grandmother, who often got drunk and swore. All members of the family were dressed in rags. Tom was lucky to make friends with a former priest, who also begged, but did not lose his dignity. He taught the child a letter, reading. He taught good-natured children good and love. Tom, reading books, sometimes dreamed and even imagined himself a prince.

Mark Twain, The Prince and the Pauper. Contents of Chapter 3

Once Tom got to the gate of the palace. He saw a richly dressed boy with a sword and a dagger, strewn with jewels. It was the prince. Tom looked enchanted at him, but the palace guard began scolding the beggar and driving him away. But the prince was a kind child, he pitied Tom and called him to the palace. That's how the prince and the beggar met. The summary goes to one of the most interesting moments of the work.

The boys met. Prince Edward began to ask Tom how he lives, was surprised that his father beats him. The beggar said that he has two twin sisters of fifteen. Edward told about his 14-year-old sister Elizabeth and about her cousin. Prince was interested in the story of the beggar, he also wanted to wallow in the mud, like Tom, swim in the river, frolic with friends. Edward offered to exchange clothes so that he felt himself for a moment as a beggar, who can walk barefoot and entertain himself as he pleases. The prince and the beggar exchanged clothes and realized that they were alike. Edward noticed a bruise on Tom's arm and ran to the guard to express his indignation. After all, he was trying to drive the beggar out and treated him so severely. But the prince forgot what kind of clothes he was wearing. The soldier was sure that this poor beggar, and drove the real prince out of the palace. As the Prince of Wales tried to prove who he really is, the soldiers and the crowd raised him to laugh.

So suddenly the prince and the beggar changed places. The summary continues the narrative.

Chapters 4-5

No one believed Edward that he was a prince-neither boys from Christ's abode, nor Tom's family. Above him sneered and even hounded dogs. And what about the beggar who stayed in the palace in Edward's clothes? This will be told about the fifth chapter of the work.

At first Tom admired his rich clothes in the mirror, but then he wondered why there was no prince for so long. He was frightened, and thought that the guard would grab him now, and a punishment would come. When the pretty girl, who was Edward's cousin, entered, Tom dropped to his knees in front of her and begged for mercy. She was very surprised that the Crown Prince was kneeling before her. This was seen and courtiers. A rumor swept through the palace that the prince had gone mad. The boys were like two drops of water, so no one even suspected that the prince was not real. So suddenly the prince and the beggar exchanged places.

The king forbade rumors about the son's insanity to spread around the palace, but he was sure that his son was "not himself." After all, the boy assured me that he lives in the courtyard of the Dump in a poor family.

Chapters 6-10

In the sixth chapter, the book "The Prince and the Pauper" introduces readers to Lord St. John. He helps Tom master some royal manners. Milord taught Tom to refer to his illness, when he can not remember anything. He was helped to express the books he had read in his royal way. Gradually, he began to master court etiquette, but he did not succeed in flashing his knowledge at dinner. Tom plunged many present into shock during this dinner.

In the tenth chapter he tells of the misadventures of Edward M. Twain. The prince and the beggar inadvertently switched places, and now each of them had to live in an environment unusual for himself. The real prince had a hard time. He was offended not only verbally, but also physically. In the family, Kenti was sure that their Tom had gone mad. After all, he imagines himself a prince. The only one who stood up for the boy was Miles Gendon - he saved that from the evil crowd, the drunk father and took him to him.

Chapters 11-12

In the eleventh chapter, Edward learns that his father died, and he became king. But the prince could not begin his duties, since he could not get into the palace.

Miles Gendon, after taking the child to his room, set the table, and he and Edward began to eat. He, as it is supposed to the royal person, was indignant, why does the friend sit in his presence? Then Gendon asked Edward to grant him mercy so that he and his descendants would sit in the presence of the kings. The prince took the sword from Hendon and made him knight. The request was respected.

Chapters 13-16

Miles Gendon was kind to the child. He gave him his bed, bought not new, but good clothes.

And at this time in the palace everyone is preparing for the coronation of the prince. Now he has to deal with state affairs. Several people appeared on the court of the future king. One said that he was sentenced to death. Tom was horrified when he learned that a man must be executed, but his guilt is not proven. Tom judged on justice and ordered the poor fellow to be released. The present palace nobility began to whisper that the prince had again recovered his reason and thought sensibly. He coped well with another matter, proving that two women were also condemned in vain. For 4 days, Tom got used to it. At dinner he also behaved decently

Everything falls into place

The prince still had many trials to go through. He saw the life of his kingdom from within. Edward lived with tramps. He heard their sad story. They told how cruelly they were once treated as slaves. But he preferred hunger and cold, without becoming with them to beg and steal. The prince was even arrested, but the faithful Miles Hendon came to his aid. And again the generous Gendon saved his little friend, taking the punishment with whips. Then the friends went to London. Prince Edward decided at all costs to regain the title.

He came to the coronation and did not give Tom the crown. He was glad that at last a real prince appeared. Everything ended perfectly. Each of the children returned to their place, and Miles Gendon and Lord St. John were rewarded for their nobility and kindness.

King Edward was a just ruler, because he studied the life of his kingdom from the inside out. And Tom Kenti was respected as a royal pupil. On this finishes his book Mark Twain. "The Prince and the Pauper" is a fascinating piece that people of all ages like.

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