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Jennifer Gray after a plastic surgery. Star of the film "Dirty Dancing" has changed beyond recognition

In 1987, the whole world thundered the film "Dirty Dancing" - he liked the audience and brought his creators a good income. The cost of the movie was only $ 6 million, and the rental yielded almost 200. In addition to an interesting story, the success of the film was provided by the actors who played the main roles: Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray.

Where now this actress and why this is the only famous film with her participation - you can find out in the article below.

Actress Jennifer Gray is a unique case for Hollywood. We all know that the appearance in his cruel world plays a decisive role. At the same time, what is most interesting, to be beautiful is absolutely not the main thing. The main factor here is the memorability of appearance, a kind of zest that does not look like others.

Jennifer Gray was not a model of beauty, but at the same time there was something touching, sweet and maiden in it that you can not buy for money. But, like most girls, she aspired to become a beauty. In her opinion, most of all her own nose was interfering with it - it did not fit into the existing standards of beauty. This is what killed her.

Biography of Jennifer Gray

The actress was born in the family of a dancer and actor Joel Gray and singer Joe Wilder in 1960 on March 26. The girl's father was an Oscar winner (in 1972 he even managed to bypass the famous Al Pacino in his nomination) and the Golden Globe. He was quite a popular Broadway actor. It is clear that as a daughter of such a sought-after artist, the girl sought to achieve success in the same field.

On the paternal side, the girl was the granddaughter of the comedian Mickey Katz. In general, all members of the family of the young actress were gifted not only with stage talents, but also with a specific appearance. In truth, no one except Jennifer Gray, whose photo she was only frustrated herself, did not worry about it. The shape of the nose in the family has not prevented anyone from making a career.

The first successes of the actress

The girl became a student of the theater school of acting. Soon a talented actress was heard in Hollywood, where she was given small roles.

The first films with Jennifer Gray are "Red Dawn", where she played on the playground with starring Patrick Swayze, "Reckless" and "Cotton Club" by Francis Ford Coppola.

For 3 years, the young actress worked on secondary roles - the other she did not get anywhere. Among the popular at that time Hollywood divas, Jennifer Gray stood out with the shape of her nose - he did not respond at all to the canons of beauty formed. She was on the test in the picture "Dance-flash" in 1987, but there she was told that she had too Jewish appearance. There were even such tests, where the girl and on the threshold was allowed - this is "Endless Love" by Zzefirelli. Explanations sounded very unpleasant: according to the assistant director, the film needs a beautiful actress, and not like the Gray.

Apogee of the career of Jennifer Gray

In 1987, she won a role in the film "Dirty Dancing". Finally, in the credits to the film in the line with the main characters, the name Jennifer Gray appeared, and she wiped her nose at all her ill-wishers. This was a great breakthrough in her career. For the performance of her role, the actress received the only "Golden Globe" prize, which was no longer repeated in her career. Interestingly, in the film, Jennifer Gray, whose photo was now adorned with covers of glossy editions, played a heroine, whose age was 10 years less than the actress herself.

The plot of the film "Dirty Dancing"

What is so fond of viewers of the world this film?

His plot unfolds in the golden 60's, namely in 1963. Together with her parents, the main character of the film of 17 years comes for a vacation in a resort hotel. Naive, a little spoiled by parents, Francis, nicknamed Baby from a wealthy family, meets at the resort with a local gigolo Johnny, a true professional dancer. According to the story, a young Baby should learn in a short time to dance - in order to save his friends.

The film "Dirty Dancing", by Jennifer Gray in which the same Francis played, with rhythm and blues dance dances in our time looks very decent even though the dances in it do not seem so erotic as in the late 80's. To learn how to dance, Baby became the disciple of Johnny, the protagonist, and not only in dancing, but also in feelings.

This film is about love that happened inappropriately, inappropriately, between people who can not be together. The atmosphere of it consists of beautiful music, beautiful rhythms of romance. An integral part of the film is the truth of life, when some can rest, while others serve them. Pleasant colors of the film adds a surprisingly harmonious duo of actors Jennifer Gray and Patrick Swayze.

Thanks to the appearance in the life of the sweet and naive Baby dances, in her settled rhythm of life erupt notes of eroticism. Thanks to the fresh colors of music she has the opportunity to feel like an adult woman. As a result of teaching the dance, Johnny taught Baby not only to move gracefully and keep his posture, but also to feel confident, to go through life without ducking his head.

Jennifer Gray after plastic surgery

The appearance on the screens of this film made of Jennifer Gray, however, as well as from Patrick Swayze, a world-class star. The girl was offered the main roles, huge fees, and she wanted to get beauty. The actress decided to get rid of the nose, which, she thought, spoiled her whole life, and decided on rhinoplasty.

Jennifer Gray, after a plastic surgery, received a perfectly beautiful face, such as there are thousands in Hollywood. But they did not recognize her, not that the audience, her friends and relatives could not admit - the result was another person. On the actress, the proposals were filmed as a cornucopia after "Dirty Dancing", but when the directors and producers saw it, they simply refused it.

Career Jennifer Gray after rhinoplasty

Francis Ford Coppola, who invited the girl to appear in her new film, told her: "With your new face, you will have a completely different biography and everything needs to start again. You need new "Dirty Dancing" as the air, because now you have become a fiction. " Jennifer Gray, after a plastic surgery, lost all the prisoners after the noisy success of "Dirty Dancing" contracts.

As a result, her further career was unsuccessful. She had to settle for episodes and minor roles. Her work rarely received any resonance from critics or viewers. In 1989, she starred in the comedy "The Bloodhound from the Broadway", for which Madonna received the anti-prize "Golden Raspberry". She even got a major role in the movie "Wind" about the prestigious sailing regatta, but the film failed.

The life of an actress on television screens

More successful was the work of the actress in television dramas: "Criminal Justice" and "Murder on the Mississippi", as well as in the television movie "West Side Waltz", in the thriller "The Case of Murder." She somehow starred in the episode of the series "Friends" - played girlfriend of the heroine Jennifer Aniston.

In 2001, Jennifer Gray became the wife of actor Clark Gregg and gave birth to his daughter Stella. She returned to work only in 2006, starring in the melodrama "Kit" and the comedy "The Road to Christmas."

Jennifer Gray, after a plastic surgery, said: "I went into the operating theater, and left no one." Rhinoplasty actress considers her biggest mistake in life.

Helping viewers take the "new" Jennifer Gray after the plastic surgery helped her participate in 2010 in the project "Dancing with the Stars", where she won the final of the show.

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