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Smartphone Micromax Bolt D303 ("Micromax Bolt D303"): description, specifications

Not so long ago the company "Megaphone" presented two devices. In fact, this is the same device, presented immediately in two versions: 3G and with LTE support. Manufactured smart phones by a well-known company called MicroMax. The greatest activity of the company is visible in the budget segment. Especially when it comes to the line of smartphones series Bolt. One of them, by the way, was the smartphone "Micromax D303". Today we will talk about it.

"Micromax Bolt D303": specifications

We have a typical budget with a screen diagonal equal to four inches. The resolution of the display is 800 by 480 pixels. The main camera module is designed for 3.2 megapixels. The processor runs on two cores. The built-in long-term memory is only 4 gigabytes. Operative and even less - 512 megabytes. As the software, the operating system of the "Android" family is installed on the device, version 4.4. The price of the device is 4 thousand rubles.


Most of the budget models are similar. But each device, or rather, each manufacturer has its own chips, which it uses to attract potential buyers. Today we are considering the smartphone "Micromax D303", and here its feature is the bundle. It includes the device itself, charging, MicroUSB format cables, a wired headset, and a rear bumper.

Color solutions and design

The phone "Micromax D303" was developed in three color versions. The first one, called the factory one, is black, the second green, and the third red. If you look closely at the box, there will already be an apparatus of the same color as it is in it. More precisely, this color will only be the back of the device. Well, let's look at the model better.

Location of elements

In principle, to say that in terms of appearance "Micromax Bolt D303" something stands out, just impossible. Against the background of many competitors, he may look decent, but he does not have any chips in terms of the exterior, that's for sure. The front camera module is located on the front panel of the device. Its resolution is 0.3 megapixels. This resolution is barely enough to use the camera in a videoconference mode or for a video call. Fans of pictures of Selfie can safely pass by.

Immediately at "Mikromaks Bolt D303" a LED indicator mounted, which will signal the missed calls and messages. Under the screen, you can find touch controls that are so characteristic of the corresponding operating system. It's about the buttons "window", "desktop" and "back". They are executed in the form of geometric figures: a triangle, a circle, a square. As already mentioned, the back cover can be painted in one of three colors.

In a model with a green lid, the shade is more like blue. Perhaps the Indians simply somehow perceive colors, so to speak, specifically. However, we will not focus on this, because in any case, the color will be pleasant to the eyes and nothing else. On the left side of the device there is a paired key. It is designed to change the volume level of the phone or transfer it from one sound mode to another. On the opposite side there is a button that should be used to lock the smartphone. Under the back cover you can find the compartments into which the SIM cards are installed.

First start

He at the "Mikromax Bolt D303" is very, very fast. Almost immediately after the device is turned on, the setup wizard will appear on its screen and will prompt the user to select a language in which to receive further instructions. By the master of the adjustment, without much difficulty, you can determine that it was designed by the Indians. The firmware of the smartphone Micromax Bolt D303 is adapted for Russian users. That's why after the quick adjustment is made, the lucky buyer will be able to use the capabilities of the purchased model.

Interface Operation

Especially strong "brakes" in the interface of the Micromax Bolt D303 was not detected. However, let's not forget that it has only 512 megabytes of RAM installed. Accordingly, after some time, hangs will still begin. Automatically similar indicators move the device either to the category "my first smartphone" or to the category "smartphone for children". The modern user will by no means be satisfied with what this budget device can offer him.

Negative sides

Needless to say that more modern games will already require more from the device than it can give? Yes, simple rasters or similar games will work well, but nothing more. In some ways, the hardware characteristics of this model are balanced, it is difficult to argue with this. But they are balanced in such a way as to simultaneously meet the declared price. It is impossible to obtain a productive miracle for 4 thousand rubles, it is simply impossible.

What is the device for?

Earlier we said that the toys of medium and heavy class devices will not pull. But why then can it be used? As an ordinary "dialer"? It will be expensive, because you can buy an ordinary cell phone. No, the smartphone is useful to those who like to listen to music, radio, communicate via e-mail or social networks. Also, users get a good surfing opportunity on the Internet. In general, for these purposes the device was developed, what to hide? Otherwise, if you need a smooth work, great performance, a better screen, then with these requests it is better to turn to the class above. Approximately for 7 thousand rubles you can already find models that match these requests.

"Mikromaks D303 Bolt": how to unlock?

The nuance of the story is the fact that this device only works with SIM cards of the operator "Megafon". Even though "Micromax" is not an appropriate branded product. If you insert a card of another operator, you can see the unlock code on the screen. It consists of a sequence of 10 characters. For each device the code is unique. After input, the device will be able to read the cards of any SIM-operator. The unlock code can be ordered, but it will cost money.

Conclusion and feedback

What do people who bought this unit say? Many of them note that the device will fit only to solve everyday everyday tasks, whether it be calls, communication using text messages or surfing the Internet. For other purposes, it is better to turn to the competitors of the smartphone. Still, it has far from the best, albeit balanced technical characteristics. The processor will be weak for processing games and applications, even the middle class, RAM is enough for multitasking only with a stretch, the interface will sink and hang. The camera is also far from the best. In general, the phone for quite unsophisticated users.

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