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Fear of the Pot

The article does not suggest ways to combat them, for each child is individual, but only reveals some of their possible causes.

This fairly common childhood fright associated with going to the toilet for a lot, the child can be caused by several reasons. They can be both psychological and physical:

- at some point the baby had diarrhea, and an adult, seeing this, was very excited and with horror in his eyes began to moan and lament over this incident. The child, impressed by the panic, at the subsequent desire to go to poke, simply afraid to get the same result and the corresponding reaction, considering the liquid chair as something wrong and terrible. To prevent this, it is necessary to prevent such a situation from the beginning, adequately reacting to any feces of the child. If this happens, then you have to work hard to disbelieve the baby in the opposite, even by own example.

- the child heard from someone an adult that it is impossible to sit on the pot for a long time (the bowel will fall out, the priest will stick, worry, etc.), after that he may well begin to be afraid to sit down on him even for a few minutes, because it is still difficult for him Orient in time, which means "a long time to sit" for him is not entirely clear. The child will be afraid of the pot as such, it will be perceived by the baby as some kind of threat, capable of harming him. Instead of intimidation, it is best to raise the child from the pot after he went off, promising something interesting (game, cartoon, candy). The desire to sit on the pot with him will not remain, but there will be no fear of him.

- associated with physical pain that arose during emptying, a psychological fear of recurrence of this pain. The child is afraid that every time he will feel this pain and, trying to prevent it, he wants to completely renounce the pot and refuses to poke. The baby could have cracks in the anus. You can treat them at home - creams, ointments. But still, in case of pain, it is better to consult a proctologist. If the child has healed, but the fear of pain remains, then long-term conversations and explanations will help, in a soft and gentle tone, or a child psychologist.

- Sometimes fear arises from the kindergarten, where the teacher or nanny can tell the children that they do not go to the garden much, but do it at home. And if the child still happens that he emptied himself in the kindergarten, dishonest workers who are lazy or unwilling to clean after their small pupils are scolded and punished for "disobedience". Gradually, fear is transferred to the house, it is conditioned by the fear of being punished and parents. The other side of the coin is that the child can develop diseases, constipation due to forced retention of feces in the body.

Be that as it may, we should treat this sensitive issue very carefully, since mistakes made initially are very difficult to correct, and in the future they can develop into huge problems related to the complexes, confidence, character of the child.

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