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Poor memory in the child: what to do, the reasons

Child development for parents plays an important role. Parents try to learn as much as possible about what skills and abilities to a certain moment their baby should have. But approximately to school age the bad memory at the child can be shown. What to do in this case? Why can a kid have problems with memorization and memory in general? When is this considered the norm, and in what cases is it necessary to raise the alarm and take decisive action? The answer to all this is not so simple as it seems. Every child is an individual. Therefore, it is difficult to foresee the true cause of bad memory. What are the variants of the development of events most often found in practice? And is it possible to somehow improve the memory of children?


Does the child have a very bad memory? What to do in this situation? From the first year of the baby's life, one can notice memory problems. In such circumstances it is recommended to visit a neurologist. After all, the problem may be a neurosis.

With this disease, the nervous system and the brain of the child. Not too dangerous phenomenon, it is common among children and adults. But here the memory is affected nervously not in the best way. The child is difficult to understand what is happening, with memorization, too, there are some difficulties.

If the neurosis is concerned, the neurologist will definitely prescribe a set of exercises and can even prescribe pills for increasing mindfulness and mental development. In the case of young children, it is usually possible to manage only the first method of treatment. But the older children receive medication often. In any case, first you have to find the cause of neurosis and cure the disease. It will go away - the memory will come back to normal. But she still has to train.


Bad memory in the child? What to do? The next reason, and very common, is not the best heredity. It's no secret that intellectual opportunities are passed from parents to children. And therefore, if a mother or father in childhood or already in adulthood had memory problems, then the baby can also manifest themselves.

You can correct the situation, though not always. Quite often, if a child has bad memory and attention, you just have to train the brain. In other words, to develop memory. A few techniques for training attention and agility will be discussed later.

But if we are talking about very young children, it is recommended simply to play with the child in a variety of logical games, and also to lead them into development groups, to circles of early development. There with children will be engaged in the game form, giving enough time to train attention and memory.


Did the child have a bad memory? What should I do to help my child develop in the right direction and remember things in a normal way? It is required to find the cause of the memory disorder.

Sometimes it lies in the usual lack of sleep. In infants is rare, more relevant for school-age children. How to determine if a baby is sleeping enough? It is not difficult to do this.

From the biological point of view, the body needs about 10 hours of sleep for rest. That is why it's important to comply with the regime. If a child does not sleep much (no matter what the reasons), eventually he will have a memory disorder. The minimum sleep time should be 8 hours.

Accordingly, if a child with memory has problems, you need to give him a good sleep. And more than once. Some doctors recommend that before going to bed, the child should be bathed in tinctures of chamomile and other soothing herbs. A sleeping baby will not suffer from problems with attention and memory.


The next reason is common among pre-school and school-age children. Usually manifested by the 3rd year. Does the child have a bad memory? Treatment of a neurosis, for example, did not bring any results? Provided that the baby gets enough sleep, we can assume that he just had a hyperactivity syndrome. This, as already mentioned, is a common CNS disease. Without problems it is diagnosed by good neurologists.

There is hyperactivity in the fact that the child behaves very actively, he is just a "living thing", constantly doing something, jumping and running aimlessly. But at the same time he does not manage to stay for a long time in one place, there are problems with attention and memory.

It is treated by the CHDD (a syndrome of hyperactivity and attention deficit) in various ways. Typically, neurologists suggest the following methods:

  • Give the child more time;
  • To train memory;
  • Allow the baby to move more (to give in sports circles).

Drug treatment also takes place. As a rule, of the tablets, children are most often prescribed a variety of vitamin complexes. For example, "Jungle". Some "serious" medications are extremely rare. As a rule, hyperactivity is treated. But parents need to be patient. This is a difficult and time-consuming process.

Lack of training

Why does the child have a bad memory? The reasons can be different. For example, if everything is in order in the field of neurology, with heredity and sleep regimen - too, then it is necessary to pay attention to how often the baby is training the mind. This is extremely important.

If the brain is not subjected to constant training, then it loses its development. More precisely, it stops. As a result, memory and attention are disturbed. And at any age.

To correct the situation is not so difficult. It is enough to train the brain regularly for attentiveness and ingenuity. Exercises are developed depending on the age of the baby. As a rule, it is enough for children to go to various circles of development. But the schoolchildren are more often recommended to attend additional classes and solve mathematical problems. They contribute to the development not only of thinking, but also of logic.


Does the child have a bad memory? What to do? Medication is by no means the only way to treat it. As practice shows, the cause of distracted attention and memory problems is an improperly composed diet. Not so often, but a similar scenario exists.

The treatment is simple - it is enough to adjust the diet of the baby, especially when it comes to schoolchildren. And add vitamins. As soon as the food is adjusted, the memory problems will disappear.

It is important for parents to know: a child should have a varied and useful diet enriched with vitamins and minerals. Only then will the brain receive enough energy to remember the incoming information.

Not interesting

Does the child have a very bad memory? What to do? Psychologists and neurologists often face situations in which children can talk about what they are interested in, remember important information for them in the smallest detail. But as soon as something is forced to remember, problems arise. Quite a common phenomenon.

That is, absent-mindedness and memory problems are not a disease at all. And not even a real care disorder. Just a child is not interested in this or that information. Because of this, he does not remember the information received.

Everything is explained by the device of the human brain. It filters information. What is important for a particular person and personality is postponed in the long-term memory, everything else is in the short term. Of course, in the second case, the information will be forgotten very quickly.

Treatment here is one thing - an interest. For a child to memorize something, it must be involved in the process. Do it so that the kid was interested in learning something, getting knowledge and developing. Then there will be no problems with memory. Interest - this is the key to the successful development of the child.

The rule applies to all children who do not remember this or that information because of a lack of interest in it. Even on schoolchildren. They also have to be interested. And in any case, do not intimidate! This will not bring success. Rather, on the contrary, the child can not remember anything at all.

A lot of information

Bad memory in children? Consultation for parents, which is often offered by pediatricians, neurologists and psychologists, necessarily includes such an item as a large amount of incoming information. In other words, the child is studying a lot. His brain is not able to keep any information in memory for a long time, because the new ones are already on the way. Hence the phenomenon under study.

How to be? If the matter really is in a large stream of information, it is required to reduce its volume. For example, reduce the number of circles visited by the child. The phrase "a century of living - a century learn" on children is not particularly distributed. They are already growing and developing, every day they learn something new. And a big load will not give the desired results.


How to help the child in this situation for 10 years? Bad memory? What to do? How to find out the reason for this phenomenon, if all of the previously listed situations are not suitable?

It is worth paying attention to the general condition of the child. It is likely that the schoolboy, especially in middle and high school, is overworked. Because of this, his brain stops working at full strength. This is not laziness, but the body's need. In conditions of stress and fatigue, the body goes into energy saving mode. Hence a bad memory and a kind of inhibition.

That's why children need to be allowed to rest and relax. And the way they want. Do not burden the student with numerous circles and tutors, do not immediately make lessons after school, and use the weekend as a prospect for more learning. Children are not robots. They, like everyone else, are important holidays. A cheerful, rested and cheerful kid will not suffer from bad memory.

Not by age

Sometimes it happens so - parents think that the child has problems with mental development. But the doctors say the opposite. And some specific, it would seem, not the most interesting information, the kid remembers. And what the parents require is not.

It is likely that this information just does not fit the child by age. The human brain is arranged so that at a certain point in time it is at a particular stage of development. And if you try to invest in a child knowledge that is not inherent in this or that age category, the received data will be recorded in short-term memory. The brain simply does not need this or that information.

For example, if a 3-year-old child is given a textbook on physics, the maximum he can do is read the written text. But nothing more. To force a child to learn formulas, and even more so to explain some intricate physical phenomena, is not necessary. This information does not suit him by age. This feature should be remembered for all parents. And if there is a suspicion that the baby has a bad memory, it is required first of all to make sure that the supplied material corresponds to the age of the child.

Early age

Modern parents begin to sound the alarm for almost any deviating phenomenon. Suppose there is a child, 4 years old. Bad memory? What to do? First, do not panic. The thing is that at this age, the kids have not yet fully developed memory and concentration of attention. It is good to remember these or other things, as a rule, children begin with 3 years. But in 4 years some problems still remain.

Secondly, the child should be engaged. Only the development of memory will help to get rid of problems in the future. Training, training and again training. In no case must we forget about the interest of the child - it needs to be nourished.

It turns out that in 4 years the baby does not need to be overloaded. The main thing is to deal with the child and pay enough attention to his development.

Exercises for the baby

The following tips will suit the parents of small children if there are suspicions of a bad memory, but not because of any diseases. It has already been repeatedly said that the child needs to constantly train the brain. For children, the following exercises are good:

  • Often repeat phrases and words, write them with the child on paper;
  • Use the writing to improve the letter;
  • Read a lot of the child, focus on the key points of the story;
  • Speak with short phrases;
  • More to consider with the baby pictures, to condemn them.

You can also apply the "Box" method. It's a game. There is a box divided into several compartments. In front of the child, the toy is placed in one or another cell. Then the box closes. The kid is invited to find the placed object, remembering which department he is in. The game is relevant for children from 2 to 6 years. Initially, it is recommended to start with a box divided into 2 parts, increasing the number of departments with age. By the school their number can reach 12 pieces.


Now it is clear why children have memory problems, and how to eliminate them. Most often self-treatment is not assigned. It is better to take the child to a neurologist. Before the visit, it is recommended to make an ultrasound of the brain and a general blood test.

By the way, low school performance is not a sign of bad memory. This phenomenon is associated with the puberty period of adolescents. We must wait it out and, of course, interest the child in training.

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