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What to do with children at home, if you can not go for a walk?

What to do with children at home, if you go out for a walk on the street for some reason you can not? Disease of the mother or the baby, rainy weather ... Is the crumb doomed to a boring time in four walls? Of course not! In this article we will offer you a lot of options for how to diversify the child's home leisure.

The first option of what to do with children at home is business in the household. Ask the child to help you at home and turn this useful pastime into a fun and exciting activity: ironing your underwear - let your daughter caress the dresses with her dolls or handkerchiefs; Wash the dishes - let the son wipe the plates. Of course, much depends on the age of the baby - perhaps, it is not necessary to give the beating objects to a two- or three-year-old child.

The second option of what you can do with your child at home is reading books. The main condition - in the publication must be bright and beautiful illustrations. You can compose a story and together - you say the first sentence, and the child is the second, and so on. This quiet exercise is suitable if the child due to illness needs to comply with bed rest, and will also be an excellent substitute for trivial computer games and watching cartoons.

The third option of what to do with children at home is creativity. Here everything depends on the abilities of your child. Does he dance with pleasure? Then turn on the jolly music. Can he draw for hours at a time? Spread out the old wallpaper, paint with the baby, dipping your fingers into the paint. Coloring, modeling of salted dough and plasticine - all these young children are doing with pleasure. If you are afraid of a new carpet, just make it for the time of creative activities with a newspaper or a film, then your heart will be calm and the child will feel free. If the crumb is still small, watch him when he works with scissors.

The fourth option - desktop and mobile games (especially good in them if there are several children), collecting mosaics and puzzles (by the way, they can be done by yourself - print out the picture and cut it into several parts), etc.

We offer you several mobile games that will help in deciding what to do with children at home.

1. "Teach me." The child shows you something that he knows how to do: dance movement, physical exercise, etc. Then it's your turn. And so long as someone does not run out of fantasy. The defeated person can make a winner a tea or a sandwich.

2. "Read-jumping". Agree with the baby that when you read a fairy tale or story, he will have to jump up, hearing the pre-set word. For example, you read a story about a turnip, and he let it jump when he hears the word "grandfather". You can complicate the problem by thinking up three motions for three words, etc.

3. "What animal are you?" Take small pieces of paper and write the names of animals on them. Mix them in a bowl or a hat, draw in turns and without words represent that to you has dropped out.

4. "Rocker". Give the children the task to carry different objects without the help of hands in another room, on the sofa, etc. Complicate the problem by offering smaller objects.

5. "Indian Path". Spread across the apartment colorful sheets of paper, tell the child that he is an Indian (you can dress appropriately and color your face), let him get from room to room, stepping on only paper of a certain color.

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