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How to leave the clan in a computer game?

Multiplayer online games have gained incredible popularity in recent years. The last ten years, players have gradually moved from offline to online, choosing their favorite games for themselves and competing in them with other gamers. The popularity of MMORPG can be explained by the improvement in the quality of both the computers themselves and the Internet connection. If earlier on the network it was possible to play only the simplest games, now in Internet battles you can contemplate such beauties that ten years ago nobody had ever dreamed of. However, one of the most attractive moments in online mass games is the presence of a clan system. Naturally, no one forces you to participate in this, you can always swing and advance on your career ladder, but at the same time you can join the clan at any time. However, before that you should understand what the clan is like, how to enter there, and most importantly - how to quit the clan. With the last point, many players in different projects have special problems.

Clans in games

So, before moving on to the urgent question of how to get out of the clan, you need to figure out why you should go there at all. A clan is an in-game organization that unites under its banners players with the same goals, as well as a desire to help each other in difficult situations, train less experienced players, go to raids on powerful bosses and so on. Entering the clan, you accept its rules and conditions, recognize the leadership of the head of the clan and agree to perform everything in accordance with the charter. Naturally, in return you will receive a huge number of various privileges. And, of course, it's always much more fun to play with other gamers, especially if you managed to find a clan whose subject matter is interesting to you, and maybe it contains people you know. In any case, this is a real success. But what if the atmosphere in the clan does not suit you, if you want to change it? How to quit the clan?

Features in various games

If you want to learn how to quit the clan, you need to prepare for the fact that there will not be a universal prescription for all games. In each project, you can leave the clan in various ways. In this case, this action in different games can be accompanied by its own characteristics. In one game, you can simply quit the clan without any consequences, and in the other you will have to wait a while before you can perform any other actions with clans (for example, joining a new one). Therefore, it is advisable that you study in more detail information about the clans, specifically about the game in which you are participating. And now it's time to consider leaving the clan in several of the most popular multiplayer games of our time.

How to leave the clan in "Maincraft"

The sandbox "Maincrafter" unexpectedly became incredibly popular and gradually captured the Internet due to the broadest possibilities of multiplayer. There you can even join clans or create your own. However, many gamers have a question about how to get out of the "Meincraft" clan? In fact, in this game everything is simpler nowhere - the system is minimalistic, like the game itself. You just need to call the console and set the leave clan command in it, after which you automatically leave the clan that you are in. Immediately after this, without any delays, you will be able to join a new clan or create your own.

Clash of the World of Tanks

A bit more complicated situation is if you want to learn how to quit the WoT clan. It's all the more serious, because the developers are very attentive to the issue of the clans. This is where you will have to wait two days after you leave your clan to join a new one or create your own. In your account on the right there will be a window that will show you the message. Its content will tell you that you will need to leave the current clan to create your own or join a new one. Everything is noticeably simplified due to the fact that the words "leave the clan" will be clickable, and it is for them you will need to click to perform the action. Naturally, after this there will be a waiting time during which you will not be able to produce any clan actions, including joining a new clan or creating your own.

To leave the clan in "Warfyus"

As for the popular team shooter "Warfyus", everything is much simpler here than in the "World of Tanks". How to become free in Warfyus? How to quit the clan in this game? You do not have to notify anyone, follow some established rules or wait for some time, until you can join the clan again. In your account, you just go to the "Clans" tab, where you can select the clan that you are in. Its window will open, in which there will be a list of members, and below the list is a button that suggests that you leave the clan. After clicking it, you become a free soldier-loner.

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