Geriatrics - what is it? Geriatrics and gerontology

Today, aspects related to aging are being studied quite actively. Now all the basic principles of this process are well known, as well as some methods for slowing it down.

Geriatrics: What is this?

This science is the most important section of gerontology. He studies the basic principles of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases in patients of the older age group.

Not everyone has heard such a term as "geriatrics". What is it, is better than others known experts involved in the treatment of age patients. At present, every doctor should know the basics of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of people older than 65-70 years. This is due to the fact that it is people of the elderly and senile age who take the lion's share of the doctor's appointment in almost any specialty.

Importance of geriatrics

No one disputes the great significance of this section of gerontology. The fact is that it is the bases of geriatrics that help the doctor to orient with the establishment of a correct diagnosis and the appointment of a rational course of treatment for patients of the older age group. Difficulties arise here, first of all, for the reason that such people usually have not one any disease, but several pathological processes. As a rule, we are talking about the ailments of the cardiovascular, locomotor, respiratory, and also digestive systems. The appointment of rational treatment with a large number of diseases is a fairly complex process. Providing reliable information on how to properly treat elderly and senile patients, and engaged in geriatrics. The concept of this term also provides for the study of how to prevent the formation of this or that pathology in this group of patients.

Social significance

This area of knowledge has a large social weight. The fact is that at the moment most developed countries face a demographic problem. As a result, many countries have to increase their retirement age. In order to keep people working and a normal quality of life, just do need geriatrics. What kind of science and how much importance it has has long been realized in the governments of developed countries and allocate considerable funds for its development.

Where to find a specialist?

Despite all the importance that geriatrics has, it is extremely difficult to find a specialist who deals only with this section of medicine. They are, perhaps, only in large medical centers, where doctors of this specialization perform the functions of consultants. As for simple polyclinics, there are usually no geriatrics as such. In most cases, one of therapists receives a primary specialization in geriatrics and, if necessary, is able to assume the role of a consultant.

In fact, any sufficiently experienced and attentive doctor is able to give full information about how exactly it is necessary to treat age patients.

Where can I get treatment?

If a person has firmly decided to spend some time in the geriatric ward, then now there is such an opportunity. In large cities, there are specialized centers dealing with the therapy of strictly age-related patients.

Geriatric departments in medical institutions often not only conduct direct treatment, but also conduct scientific activities. That is why the most innovative methods of therapy and diagnostics are often used there.

If for a person it is not important, where to undergo treatment, then for most, the therapeutic department of the hospital is quite suitable.

Geriatrics and gerontology: perspectives

Specialists from these areas noted that every year the achievements of medicine can achieve more and more good results. As a result, geriatrics and gerontology have excellent prospects. Of course, it will not be possible to completely stop aging in the next few decades, but it is possible to slow down the process a little already today.

Many scientists do not unfairly hope for the opportunities that the so-called 3D printer gives. In the future, it will help solve the problem of donor organs. Thanks to him, you can literally print any necessary structure of the human body. The first prototypes of such technology are already available, but for medical purposes it is not yet used in practice.

How to keep your health as long as possible?

The processes of aging are inherent in any living organism. Its mechanisms consist in a gradual violation of the division of various cells, which prevents their normal renewal. Gradually such gene "breakdowns" become more and more. In this case, tissues and organs begin to function incorrectly, which sooner or later leads to the disintegration of the activity of all systems.

In the matter of maintaining health, the right way of life is most important. According to WHO, it is he who determines the level of health by 50%. Another 20% falls on the ecological position of the territory on which the person lives and his heredity. As for the level of health care, its significance is 10%. So the person first of all will have to do it yourself. In order to be healthy, he needs to maintain sufficient motor activity, eat correctly and relatively little, and also give up any bad habits. In addition, you will have to try to avoid serious stress.

About average medical personnel

Nursing in geriatrics is quite significant. The fact is that it is the average medical staff who communicate most directly with the patient. The doctor's task is to correctly diagnose and prescribe rational treatment. But the control over the observance of appointments is entirely the responsibility of the nurses. This is especially true for age patients, because many of them have serious problems with memory, as well as the ability to take their own medications. As a result, in many respects from the average medical personnel depends the lion's share of successes, which helps to achieve geriatrics. What does it mean? Theoretical achievements are just fine, but without practical activity they are useless. So geriatrics and gerontology is a field of activity not only for doctors, but also for nurses.

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