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How to play a friend on the phone? A few old and new ideas

As you know, laughter not only makes life longer, but also brighter, more interesting and rich. Everyone likes to joke, and to come up with a joke for a friend and play it out is just a sacred thing. The main thing - that everything was in moderation, and friendship after such jokes did not fall apart. So, how to play a friend on the phone? The script (and not one) is presented to your attention in this article. Go!

Rally # 1: answering machine

Do not know how to play a friend on the phone? Read and remember! True friends call up every day - this is the guarantee that the joke will work. Record the following message on your mobile phone's answering machine: "Good afternoon! You called Vasya Ivanov (your name will be here), but at the moment I'm busy and can not pick up the phone. Leave your message after a small beep. " Then there should be a sound, characteristic for such a case, and after 7 seconds the message will continue: "Please, slower, I write down". Such a rally on the phone guarantees hysterical laughter and a good mood.

Rally No. 2: Tirades that plunge into shock

Whom is your friend afraid of or hoping to hear less? Maybe the inspector of the traffic police, or a psychiatric clinic employee, or a co-worker of a sobering-up station? If you do not know how to play a friend on the phone, then just think about this question. Make together with friends or independently the appropriate monologue, which first plunges your comrade into an easy shock, then makes you experience a lot of different emotions, and only then the friend will understand that it was a joke. If everything happened within reason, then you will laugh together, and if not, then ... run as far as possible and never again think about how to play a friend on the phone, not for you this matter.

Rally # 3: good old jokes

Even in those times when we did not have mobile phones, we still liked to make fun of using stationary devices. Let's remember how to play a friend on the phone. To some, these jokes will refresh the memory, but someone will come across new ideas. The main thing - remember one thing - never be represented by employees of those services that can scare a person to death. Try the following scenarios.

  1. Call a friend and say: "Hello! I'm the neighbor from below. Something big hangs from your balcony, it will soon fall on mine, take it away! "And after a couple of minutes it is desirable to dial the same subscriber again and ask why they did not remove what they asked about before.
  2. Another nice joke, which is suitable as a rally on April 1 by phone. Call a friend, introduce yourself as an employee of the housing and communal services and let them know that water is now being turned off in the house. What will Comrade think first? Not about why they called him, but about where to get more water and how to have time before shutdown. After a while all the basins, pots, vases in the house, even the bathroom will be recruited. And then it's time to call again, take interest in successes, say that you've decided not to turn it off and advise you to let the boats go.

Drawing No. 4: "Quiz"

You need to call a friend and introduce yourself as the presenter of any radio station. Then I must say that now there is a quiz, and by random dialing this subscriber becomes a participant. If a friend agrees to answer questions, then do not waste time, fall asleep with his assignments. To do this, prepare in advance a list of various questions (how many lemons fit in the truck, how many paws of a hippopotamus, etc.). After a while, start asking such things that the radio station presenter simply can not know, for example, how many years of some kind of your common acquaintance, the name of the director of the company where a friend works and so on. Once you understand that the comrade is full of suspicions and guesses, finish the "quiz". Inform the friend that he has won and will then contact him to transfer the reward. After a while, appear on his doorstep and hand the prize personally.

Whatever fun you decide to use, be sure to consider the nature of your friend, think about how he will react to this or that joke. Drawing is good, but friendship is still more important.

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