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How to celebrate a birthday in the winter?

Birthday, as the famous Russian singer and composer Igor Nikolaev sings in his song, is a sad holiday. But I think not everyone will agree with this. Not everyone is so sad about the flying years of life, someone perceives this as a natural, inevitable process that should not grieve us, but rejoice. After all, every year we lived a lot of life - experience, friends, acquaintances, new family members, knowledge, vivid impressions and much, much more. On this day, we received a gift of life, and therefore it is impossible not to enjoy it.

Every year we are again and again puzzled by the question of how interesting, bright and original, and most importantly it is fun to celebrate another birthday. Many believe that this holiday is much easier, more pleasant and diverse can be spent in the summer, but what to do to those who were born in one of the winter months? How to celebrate a birthday in the winter? This can be done much better than in the summer. A little ingenuity and imagination - and your holiday will be an unforgettable happy episode, left in your memory for life.

If you love the traditional domestic meal and can not give it up, then diversify your leisure with something interesting, in addition to goodies and pleasant conversation. In addition to the usual pastime, you should also plan mobile activities: dancing, games, walks. This will make your birthday much more interesting for all guests.

How to celebrate a birthday in winter out of the house? You can celebrate the holiday of the year and in a cozy cafe or restaurant. Invite your friends there and have fun from the heart. Sing in karaoke, dance, if possible, invite the toastmaster and musicians and participate in the group games they offered.

Another option, how to celebrate a birthday in the winter, you can call a hike in one or more entertainment venues. It can be a bowling alley and a billiard room, table tennis and a swimming pool, or you can arrange competitions between your guests on slot machines or in a dash. This, for sure, they really like and remember. It is possible to go all together to a skating rink and have fun there, organizing competitions or organizing dancing on ice. For those who love extreme sports and unusual entertainments, you can rent several pairs of skis and go with all the guests on a ski trip through the pine forest, where, stumbling upon a cozy clearing, it will be possible to light a fire, warm up, open a bottle of champagne and take a photo for memory .

How to fix a birthday in winter, if you do not particularly want to bother and invent something? Just invite your guests to go to the cinema to show a movie novelty. It can be a film of any genre: thriller, comedy or melodrama, but the best option is still something fun and easy to watch.

Birthday can be noted and some kind of a long trip, for example, to a winter resort or to a city in which he has long dreamed to visit.

How to celebrate a birthday in winter for a child? You can come up with an interesting program at home, in which you organize an entertaining dramatized game for the guests of your child, so that everyone can take part in it. And you can arrange an interesting walk in the fresh air. If the weather is good, then you can hike in nature, where you can ride a toboggan from a hill, build a snow fortress, and then take it by storm. Here you can treat everyone with hot tea from a thermos brought with you and a sweet cake. Such a birthday will not be forgotten.

Here are just some options for how to celebrate a birthday in winter. Now you only need to choose a more suitable and worthy of fun. This holiday has always been and remains the most fun and loved, in whatever season of the year it may have happened.

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