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The speaker does not work in the "iPhone"

In the event that the speaker on your iPhone does not work, it rattles or rattles during the conversation, it is not necessary to immediately go to the service center. First you need to try to find the cause of the problem on your own and repair the damage at home.

Despite the fact that the entire line of Apple is famous for its high quality and long service life, from time to time there are still difficulties. None, including exceptionally reliable, technology is not immune from various failures.

Failures in the dynamics of the "iPhone 5 S"

As a rule, users of the device complain of the following failures:

  • In the "iPhone" does not work speaker. The speaker of the device does not play almost any sounds.
  • In the "iPhone 5 S" the sound level dropped noticeably without any prerequisites for this.
  • Bad speaker works on the "iPhone". At the time of the communication, noise often occurs, a characteristic hiss at high frequencies arises.

Even if the above problems are rare, you should not ignore them.

What is the essence of the malfunction?

Difficulties with the sound of colloquial (high) and lower (many-voiced) columns are quite common.

The main prerequisites for breakdowns:

  • Getting moisture due to falling of the phone in the snow or flooding with liquid;
  • Mechanical actions (impacts, falls on a hard surface), causing a variety of damage to internal elements (plume, "ear sensor", as well as a microphone, front camera, etc.);
  • Getting dust, small debris into the speaker or into the headphone jack;
  • Interruptions in the work of the software (especially if you put "left" programs on the telephone);
  • The speaker volume is not adjusted;
  • manufacturing defects.

Difficulties can be detected in different ways: it's hard to hear when a conversation is interlocating, the speaker is rattling, wheezing or not working at all.

We eliminate the malfunction by our own forces

In case you do not hear the interlocutor or he talks very quietly, start by checking the equalizer options. First of all, adjust the volume at the time of the call, making sure that the indicator is visible on the screen. Later, make sure that no third-party devices are connected to the phone jacks. Try also to pull out and plug the headphone plug into the device several times. Turn off the bluetooth.

To exclude the possibility of a software problem, you need to remove the fresh, recently installed software, and also reset all settings.

Hard reset method:

  • Together press the "Home" and Power buttons;
  • Hold them for 10-15 seconds;
  • Wait for the device to reboot.

If the speaker still does not work (conversational or lower), you need to restore the saved copy of the system with the help of "HayTuns". Do not forget to update iOS to the latest version in a timely manner. Another often helps the usual cleaning of auditory, and polyphonic speakers from the dust. Before the procedure, remove the cover, the film from the back, front panels. For cleaning, use a brush with a soft pile, slightly moistened with alcohol or soaked in refined gasoline.

If there are any suspicions of factory marriages, bring the iPhone to a specialized service center or to an Apple direct retailer. If the device is under warranty, a free replacement of the speaker will be made. Please note: when installing unlicensed software and inaccurate handling of the device, warranty conditions are considered to be impaired. Contacting a service center is not the only way out of the situation. If you dropped or filled the phone and spoiled the speaker, you can not waste time on trips, and call an experienced master at home.

Calling a specialist at home

If you have problems with the microphone (located in the lower left part), the speaker (top, colloquial), it is better to save time, effort and find a master who can come to you and eliminate the breakdown. As a rule, the service "exit to the house" is provided in the service centers. Experts in the shortest possible time go to the address. Typically, a call to the wizard is associated with the following problems:

  • The speaker does not work well - the interlocutor did not hear at the time of the conversation after the water hit or an automatic defect;
  • A rattling sound (during a conversation through a speakerphone);
  • The sound is completely absent.

Advantages of calling a specialist at home

Specialists of the service center:

  • Quickly arrive in any district;
  • Work without days off;
  • Use only high-quality factory spare parts;
  • Repair faults in almost any model.

Employees of specialized service centers guarantee the quality of cleaning, soldering, installation of the newest components. If the speaker does not work in the "iPhone" (for example, it broke down due to mechanical damage), the master will bring the spare parts to the device and quickly replace the failed component.

Thus, you learned how to eliminate the problem associated with the idle state of the dynamics of your iPhone, both independently at home and with the help of specialists.

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