Insurance on cars: registration, calculation

Buying a car is accompanied by a series of procedures that need to be done. These include the conclusion of a contract of sale (donation, inheritance, etc.), and the passage of maintenance, and car insurance, and registration in the MREO GIBDD. And to pass it all you need exactly the listed order, otherwise at the next stage you will be sent to the missed point.

Let us consider in more detail what civil insurance and everything related to it are.

Insurance rules

Car insurance is an obligatory procedure in our country. Insurance policy must be obtained for all types of vehicles. The only exception is the vehicle, which by virtue of technical features does not move at a speed above 20 km / h, belong to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation or are not allowed to operate at all.

If necessary, you can insure the car in another region, i.e., not at the place of residence. In this case, it is advisable simply to choose a company or representative office available in the region where you will constantly use the car in the coming year (or another policy period).

Absence of insurance in the first 10 days after the conclusion of the contract of sale does not threaten, in principle, anything other than a warning from the traffic police officer, since these 10 days are the time for obtaining all the necessary documents. But since mandatory car insurance is required, a penalty for failure to comply with the requirements, when stopping by law enforcement officers, you can get. It will make 800 rubles. And this will continue until an insurance policy is issued.

Where to insure the car?

Insurance for cars is issued in the office of any specialized company that deals with this type of activity. There are a lot of such organizations, but it's better to choose known and trusted ones so that when an insured event occurs, you can not stay without anything. The most famous among them are Rosgosstrakh, Ingosstrakh, Intach, Renaissance, and others.

What documents are needed

Insurance for cars is issued for any program. The following documents are required in the selected insurance company:

  1. Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.
  2. Driver's license.
  3. PTS.
  4. Diagnostic card with valid vehicle inspection data.
  5. The contract of sale and purchase (donations, etc.).
  6. Power of Attorney (if you insure a car, not designed for you).

Insurance Options

Insurance on the car exists in 2 versions: OSAGO and CASCO. Insurance when buying a car (new) from an auto dealer is issued in the form of CASCO without fail. On second-hand machines it is possible to issue MTPL or CASCO for choice.

Moreover, the CASCO policy has several varieties, which are called differently by different companies. For example, miniKASKO - protection only from road accidents, making part of the amount, and the rest is paid in case of occurrence of an insured event.

Motor Third Party Liability Insurance

The simplest and cheapest option of insurance. OSAGO protects the car only in case of getting into an accident (hijacking, damage and the like things OSAGO does not protect, contrary to different opinions, and the insurer will not pay anything to you).

Now on every corner you can find the inscription "auto insurance OSAGO." Rosgosstrakh and other well-known and long-established companies, like a large number of lawyers, do not advise going to small offices. It is better to arrange an insurance policy more expensively, but in case of what exactly get your money.

CASCO insurance

CASCO is a type of insurance that protects against theft or damage, which provides for the liability of the insurance company when the car is stolen or damaged, and damages are paid.

Insurance cases in which CASCO acts:

  • Collision with another vehicle.
  • Attack on objects and animals.
  • Turning over the car as a result of an accident.
  • Damage to the vehicle falling on it, including trees, branches, snow or ice in the winter, and cargo during loading and unloading operations.
  • The throwing of objects from under the wheels of another vehicle moving near yours, which caused damage to parts of the vehicle or an accident.
  • Diving into the water due to flooding of the terrain, a road failure, an accidental exit into the water or a failure under the ice.
  • Ignition, explosion.
  • Intentional or unintentional harm or destruction of a vehicle, theft by a third party.

Car insurance does not apply to the following situations:

  • Damage to the vehicle in the management of a third party (without a / c, not inscribed in the policy, in a state of intoxication).
  • Control in a state of intoxication.
  • Damage to discs, paintwork, etc. (if this does not affect the performance of other parts of the car).
  • Stealing wheels or license plates (if their theft occurred without causing damage to the machine).
  • Theft of the car radio (provided that the panel of the radio tape recorder was left in the car).

Cost of insurance policy

The cost of insurance depends on several elements:

  • Vehicle power in l / s.
  • Age and driving experience of the car owner (people over 21 years old and with experience more than 3 years, insurance is cheaper than for 20-year-olds with 1 year's experience).
  • The number of possible drivers (here it is worth considering that making insurance without restrictions will be cheaper than inscribing 3 people in the policy).
  • Region of insurance (in central regions it is often more expensive than in more remote ones).
  • Accident-free driving (if you do not get into an accident at all, your policy will cost less than those who constantly become a participant in an accident by their own or not through fault).
  • Seasonality (formalize for one or two seasons, and then extend will be more expensive than registration for the whole year at once).

Calculate the cost of insurance can be using calculators on the Internet.

How is damage compensated?

In order to receive monetary compensation, you need to contact the insurance company that issued the policy no later than 14 days after the insured event.

At the same time, two variants of events are possible: repair in the service station for insurance from the insurer (the service station and the company concluded an agreement on the provision of auto repair services). There are both positive and negative sides. Plus, the owner does not need to look for a repair shop himself. But repair can be delayed, the car can not be given for a long time, but it is even worse than it was. Therefore, it is better to obtain from the insurance company a payment in money equivalent.

In the event of an insured event, the following documents must be submitted to the insurance company:

  • Insurance contract (original);
  • Driving license (copy);
  • Certificate of registration of the car;
  • Documents from the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate or other structures that confirm the fact of the incident (originals);
  • Original or a copy of the minutes of work, indicating the list of parts and parts that have been replaced, materials and the amount paid for them, original invoices and documents that confirm the fact of payment for all of the above, if necessary.

If you have CASCO auto insurance, you should also provide such documents:

  • Original paid invoice for the evacuation of cars, if any.
  • If the car is damaged or can not be repaired due to natural disasters, a document from the federal body that oversees the state of the environment will be needed.
  • Also, the insurance company may require a decision to suspend the investigation or the termination of the criminal case, a copy of the indictment, as well as the results of the medical examination, if it is held.

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