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International Left-hander Day: a holiday with a meaning

The International Day of Left-handers is celebrated annually on August 13. It was on this date, as the confederation of left-handed people in 1976 decided, that a day celebrating the struggle for the dignity and freedom of all left-handed people in the world will be celebrated. Such a loud statement was reinforced by the "Bill of Left-Handers" and the beginning of mass movements of people writing with their left hand. In 1980, US citizens went to a rally in support of police officer Franklin Winborg, who was fired because he wore a holster not on the right side, as required by the statute.

For the first time the left-hander's day was celebrated in 1992. This event was promoted by the British club, which united like-minded people. First of all, this is not a superficial holiday, created in order to have more occasions to take a walk, but an important day, thanks to which society remembers the problem of the psychological mood of children different from their peers. The British club tells the world that in any case it is not necessary to retrain to babies born of left-handed people, this can lead to serious injuries of the nervous system. Also members of the club draw the attention of manufacturers of stationery and household appliances to the fact that they produce more goods for left-handed people.

There are many theories about why some people, and today they are about 10% in the world, differ from the majority. Doctors and scientists tend to the theory that left-handedness is formed due to violations of the intrauterine development of the baby's brain, but this fact is not a deviation from the norm. Others complain about genetic disposition. Whatever it was, Lefty's Day once again reminds society that we are all different in this world, and that's fine.

Despite the fact that people who are accustomed to using the right arm as an auxiliary, work on the same level with the others in production, drive a car with a mechanical gearbox, use a computer mouse, cutlery, and discomfort in everyday life they often occur. For example, many girls are completely incapable of doing knitting and sewing. But these are purely individual characteristics.

Day left-handed - an unusual holiday, and if in honor of this event you want to give your "special" friend a present, pick up something that he will certainly need in his life, for example stationery for left-handed people.

As psychologists say, people who have a given physiological feature are prone to creativity and non-standard, creative activity. They live on emotions and do not tend to think spatially. International left-handers day is a celebration of people different from the masses. Let this be considered a physiological (or psychological) deviation among scientists, we all know that left-handed people from others are by no means different, and once again congratulating their loved one on the holiday and most pleasantly.

If you want the Day of the Left-Hander to become a more popular event in our country - collect left-handed friends and arrange a flash mob! This is not only fun, but also useful. Having shown activity, you will attract attention and throw a peculiar challenge to society.

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