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Blessing of the young is an unusual rite

The wedding ceremony is the most beautiful rite that only exists in any people of the world. The process includes many different traditions and customs. But one of the main points is the blessing of the young. Without it, there is not a single wedding celebration. Therefore, this particular custom will be considered in more detail.
Young parents bless both the bride and the groom. In the old days it was not allowed to get married if the future spouses did not pass the ritual of the so-called purification of the soul. In the modern world, of course, everything is much simpler. Young people will no longer feel guilty for what they did before their parents, if the blessing was not received. Despite the fact that the custom is more formal, the newlyweds are still trying to get the blessing of their parents. Then the atmosphere on the holiday becomes more pleasant, and the young spouses feel more confident, move more boldly in life.
Blessings of young parents today are divided into Orthodox rite and modern. In other words, if the bride and groom do not want to approach this question too seriously, the procedure can be greatly simplified. So, if you follow the tradition that came from a distant past, you need to buy icons for the groom and the bride. A prerequisite: all participants must be baptized. In the event that someone did not pass the ceremony of baptism, you can do it immediately before the wedding. Blessing of the young first takes place in the house of the bride, and then, after the registrar, in the groom's house.

At the first rite, the future spouses are put on a towel, the young ones must kneel, then the bride's parents pronounce the necessary speech and cross the young icons. The blessing of the young parents of the groom is as follows: the spouses are put on the so-called "carpet of well-being", the mother and father say the parting words.

But modern rite can take place without icons, "carpet" and hand-held. It is enough for the parents of the bride and groom to say kind and kind words for their children. If such an option suits young people and they will later feel confident in themselves, then the rite is quite appropriate. After the blessing of the young is received, all those participating in the wedding ceremony continue the banquet, utter their congratulations to the couple, have fun and dance. But the rite includes another little custom: the parents of the bride and groom must pass their home to the young. This is as follows: moms should light candles that sweep through the entire hall, creating new lights there. The last candles are lit on the table of the bride and groom. Or the parents on both sides light one candle, from which they carry the fire on a candle in the hands of the young. Thus, a new family should become even warmer and more joyful, and love will increase several times.

Of course, there are a lot of rituals today, and each of them decides which ones to choose. The blessing of the young should not be imposed, but proceed from a pure heart and sincere desire.

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