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Cheese fondue - a recipe for a delicious snack

In foreign films often show the scene of a family dinner or a get-together with friends around the table, on which stands the fundraiser and everyone is happy to eat cheese fondue, whose recipe is for each family. Watching this picture, you begin to smell the melted cheese and is ready to dipped a piece of bread or sausage into it.

Not being able to buy a special set for fondue, I started looking for alternatives. And my search was crowned with success. The main task in preparing fondue is to maintain a certain temperature of the melted cheese. When cooled, it becomes solid.

Prepare a cheese fondue, the recipe of which I indicate below, you can on the stove in an ordinary pan. After several experiments, I chose a small saucepan with a thick bottom, which perfectly keeps the temperature and leaves the dish warm.

But it is not enough, only to melt cheese, it is necessary to keep it for a long time in this condition. First I tried to put the pan on a heated stone stand, but it was not enough. The bottom remained warm, and the sides of the pan quickly cooled down and the cheese hardened. Then I decided to use the principle of a hot-water bottle on the kettle and sewed such a heater on the pan. Melting the cheese on the stove to the desired state, I put the pan in a heating pad and on a stone stand. Cheese fondue can be eaten, for an hour, without heating.

Preparing to prepare such a dish for the first time, I thought for a long time what kind of cheese is needed for fondue. Experimented with several varieties and came to the conclusion that the best composition is obtained by mixing hard and soft varieties of cheese. The names do not really matter, it all depends on your taste. Consider several options for making cheese fondue:

Greek cheese fondue recipe №1. This recipe is different because cheese is not prepared. We'll need two hundred and fifty grams of Hialumi cheese, eight strips of bacon, some squid in batter, eight dolmies and olive oil. Cheese cut into thin slices and wrapped in strips of bacon, chopping with wooden skewers. We lay out on the serving plates for several pieces of dolma, squid and bacon. Heat the olive oil in the fondue to boil. We start the meal with squid, then fry in bacon cheese with cheese and finish the dinner with a dolma.

Fondue cheese in Italian recipe number 2. For this recipe, we need twenty grams of butter, fifty grams of chopped mushrooms, a clove of garlic, two hundred and fifty grams of canned tomato, two hundred and fifty grams of Fontin cheese, a tablespoon of starch, one hundred and seventy grams of concentrated milk and half a teaspoon of onion salt and oregano. We melt in fondyushnitsa oil, add champignons, garlic and fry three minutes. We cut the tomatoes into slices and add them to the mushrooms. We rub cheese, mix it with starch, fall asleep into fondue, in small portions, stirring constantly. At the same time, we pour in the milk. We cook until all the cheese melts and our mixture becomes homogeneous. Before serving, we season onion salt, oregano and let it simmer for five minutes. The Italian fondue is perfectly suited to the bread of ciabatta.

Acute cheese fondue recipe № 3. This recipe is perfect for lovers of ostrenkogo. For him we need a clove of garlic, half a liter of white dry wine, two red pepperoni pods, three hundred grams of Parmesan and three hundred grams of Emmental, a tablespoon of starch, forty grams of cherry vodka and one loaf. Pepper thoroughly mine, clean, cut and remove from the inside all the grains, and then grind. Garlic is pressed on the press in a gruel. Pour the wine into the fondue pan, adding garlic and pepper to it. Cheese is heavily rubbed, add to the wine and stir until completely melted. Cherry vodka is mixed with starch and added to a saucepan. We prepare the fondue before the thickening of the mass. Baton cut into pieces and put on a dish. Ready fondue is served on the table.

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