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The best images for Halloween with their own hands. The image for Halloween for a girl: description, ideas and tips

The celebration of Halloween is celebrated on October 31. This celebration also called All Saints' Day. Previously, during the holiday or festival, as it can be called, burned fire in the bonfires, thereby attracting various insects, as well as bats. And people dressed up in different costumes, put on face masks, thought they were imitating evil spirits. It used to be that such images are for Halloween, and it is on this day that they can soothe the evil spirit that comes from the other world.

This holiday is celebrated to this day in the whole world, but, of course, nobody burns bonfires as before, but simply organizes mass parties and puts on various costumes. And from year to year people are wondering about what kind of suit to wear this year to surprise everyone? To think of what to go into, in fact, is not so difficult. You just need to fantasize a little, give vent to your thoughts and not be afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Images for the celebration

You can make an image for Halloween with your own hands. For example, it can be a costume of some hero from horror films, and maybe he will, on the contrary, be kind and nice. You can be transformed into a fairy or a witch, a vampire or a dinosaur, or maybe it will be a Barbie doll. To date, there are shops that deal directly with the sale of fancy dress. There you can choose a suit for yourself, but I want to note at once that they are not cheap. And so some people prefer to sew the attire themselves.

What kind of costume and an image for Halloween can be done with your own hands at home?

First, you need to decide for yourself, in whatever dress you want to go through the streets, come to a party and generally appear before the world.

There are two types of images:

1. An image that attracts and evokes only positive emotions.

2. A character that terrifies everyone around.

Then you need to decide how much time you have for needlework and whether you know how to sew. If with sewing things are bad or there is very little time before the holiday, then do not despair. After all, the costume can still be made independently, using improvised means. In general, the image for Halloween for a girl is easy to come up with.

Gipsy with curls

For example, on Romantic costumes, Gypsy costumes are very popular, and it's very easy to dress in such an image. You just need to wear a colorful, bright long skirt. The top of the suit should be free. You can also tie a scarf on your head, put a lot of beads around your neck. And bracelets on their hands, everything should be thundering and pouring. As for makeup and hairstyle, the lips should be bright and juicy, and the hair - curly. To do this, you can sleep one night on curlers, and curls do not disintegrate the whole day, will be springy and elastic. That's all, the gypsy's image is ready.

The mad scientist

You can also pretend to be a scientist, and insane. To do this, you need to wear round glasses, a white robe and ruffle your hair, fixing it with varnish. Still it is possible to take with itself cones, and in them to pour out various cocktails, friends it is pleasant.

And so you can experiment with any improvised materials to create a costume. It can be balls, ribbons, cotton wool, and many other things. In general, the process of making a suit can be fun.


Also, if you need to go to a holiday very urgently, and time is already running out, then you can dress up in Barbie. Just put on everything pink, and if there's a wig, then grab it too. In this image, the main thing is to look feminine.


You can also pretend to be a gift. It is necessary to find a huge box to fit easily in it. Next, you need to make holes for the hands and feet. Wrap the box in a beautiful paper and tie a large bow. Get a spectacular funny suit, which will be remembered for a long time.

The image of a witch and a bride for Halloween

If there is an old wedding dress in the closet, which is lying around, then you can put it on and turn into Frankenstein's bride, or the corpse of the bride. You need to whiten your face with a light foundation, make up your eyes with a dark color. It is advisable to have long black or dark hair. And of course, you need to smear the red paint like blood. Such a suit will not be left without attention.

And if it is decided to become a witch, then the clothes should be both long and gloomy. But do not forget about the hat in the form of a long cone.

Vampire and cat

What other images can you make for Halloween? For example, you can become a vampire. It's easy. You need to look elegant here, you might need an open dress in the floor. Also it is necessary to put on fangs on a teeth and to start a trickle of a blood from a mouth. And do not forget that vampires have pale skin.

You can also dress up as a female cat. To do this, you need to find a latex-fitting overalls for black skin. Be sure to make small ears.

In general, on this holiday you can become anyone and have a great time. You can watch some horror movies and borrow some kind of image from the characters. Note that most people do not watch horror movies, but they like to change into similar images for Halloween.

Card lady

You can even become a card lady. To do this, you need to choose a dress, which will combine three colors: black, white, red. It is necessary to put on black stockings so that their openwork top was visible, and on the head to try on the bonnet. Lips, respectively, should be red.


What other images can you make for Halloween? If you want to create a gentle image, then Malvin is quite suitable. You need to wear a blue wig and a blue short fluffy dress. White stockings and white shoes will look perfect. As for make-up, you need to make your eyes puppet.

If the figure of the girl is large, then you can put on a sheet and become a ghost, or you can turn into a fortune-teller with cards in your hands, dressed up in bright clothes.


In general, to come up with and create an image for Halloween for a girl with her own hands is very simple. The main thing is to approach this case with fantasy included. You can also consult with friends and come up with something together, you can make the costumes of the characters that are related. In general, the task is not difficult.

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