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What to give a grandmother for 90 years? Ideas of gifts with own hands

Certainly, the anniversary of your beloved grandmother is a landmark event. Especially if she turns 90 years old. The presence in the family of a long-liver is just fine. However, it is worthwhile to understand that 90 years is a venerable age. Not the fact that the birthday girl will want to celebrate the event, mainly because of poor health. A noisy holiday is good. But even if it is not planned, it is certainly worth congratulating your beloved grandmother, since the date is serious.

One postcard here can not do, but that's what you can give a grandmother for 90 years? Actually, it's not easy to decide, and anyone will be confused. Still, there are several unbeaten gift options, which will surely suit the taste of the birthday girl.

Refuse such surprises

The choice depends on how well the culprit of the celebration feels. It is important to consider a variety of factors so as not to give an unnecessary useless thing. Of course, in any case, my grandmother will be pleased with the care and attention shown. Yet it is much better that the gift was useful, and not just serve as a reminder of loved ones.

Before you think about what to give a grandmother for 90 years, it is necessary to understand what exactly is not worth giving. This includes, for example, some household appliances. It's unlikely that Grandma needs a new microwave oven, a juicer or a bread maker. All this will definitely remain on the shelves.

Kettle or phone

But the new electric kettle is quite suitable. Only in this case the donated version should be more convenient than the one already available. Electric kettle is much safer than usual. After all, older people often forget, by virtue of their age, to turn off the gas. Leakage can lead to extremely disastrous consequences.

Gifts to my grandmother for 90 years should definitely make life easier. For this purpose, it is possible to present as a gift a mobile phone with large buttons and a function for quick calling emergency services. Usually in the apartments of pensioners there is a landline telephone. But in a difficult situation, the grandmother just does not get to it. With the cell, such problems do not arise. Yes, and family members will be calmer if an elderly woman is in contact with them.

You can also connect granny cable television. Such a gift would be appropriate. After being at the age of 90, many people can no longer read, and they are not allowed to walk to the theater. A large number of channels will provide granny easy access to a variety of programs and to a wide range of areas of knowledge and life. It perfectly eliminates boredom.


Another great option - a night light. Older people often wake up at night and are afraid of the darkness around, can not immediately understand what is happening. With the nightlight everything will be much easier. This lamp can be left on for the night, its light will not interfere with falling asleep. In this case, the lighting will be enough to wake up, the grandmother could orient, perhaps, to find a switch from the desk lamp, when necessary. This, of course, is not the best option, but, in principle, a night light is a useful thing. However, he definitely does not fit this category of grannies, who are blinded, because such a light for their eyes will not be enough.

Photo frame and album

If everything described already exists at the birthday girl, what to present for the anniversary (90 years) to the grandmother? Bed linen and towels are not exactly what you need. Because just at the granny this good is in abundance. Textiles in general should not be given, but a photo album or a frame can become quite worthy options.

Especially if there will be photos of all family members or favorite pictures of grandmother's youth. In the first case, the birthday girl will certainly be touched, and in the second, she will probably give up nostalgia for those times when everything was different than today. And no matter how difficult was the time of youth, it was definitely happy, otherwise it simply can not be.

Reflecting on what to give a grandmother for 90 years, we must not forget about things that are good for health. It can be medicines, various bioadditives or devices that have a therapeutic effect on the body. And also all that can help older people feel better. But first things first.


We'll deal with the preparations. It's not a secret for anyone that a pension can often not coincide even with a living wage. Unfortunately, in 90 years a person somehow already has some health problems.

Worsen eyesight, hearing, heart can be ill, pressure jumps are not excluded. Of course, modern medicine has in its arsenal of many ways that can help ease old age, but all these drugs are simply fabulously expensive. Elderly people, no matter how much they want, can not afford them.

Therefore, there is nothing more natural than to choose your medication. Such a gift will definitely benefit, as well as special vitamin complexes. The body needs help in principle. He does not receive many substances, not even because of a meager diet or malnutrition, but simply because he is unable to process food and get everything he needs from himself.

In order to somehow help the cause, every elderly person, especially at the age of 90, is simply obliged to take some active supplements and vitamins.


What to give a grandmother for 90 years? On the day of birth, you can also give the birthday girl various massage massagers on batteries, especially if she has problems with her legs. People of venerable age often can not do themselves a massage on their own, because the forces are not the same. While not wanting to burden anyone, they rarely admit it. Massager in this case - the best solution, because it is easy and convenient to use, usually has many different functions. Only buy such a device, based on reviews in online stores or on the appearance of goods, it is not necessary.

Here you need an experienced consultant who will show and tell everything. In addition, often for the right choice, you need to know the exact diagnosis of the patient. Perhaps some of the procedures are contraindicated. So, you should start worrying about such a gift in advance, and acquire all the necessary information before purchasing.

Useful gifts

What to give a grandmother for 90 years? If the massager is not contraindicated according to medical indications, this does not mean that it will not be possible to find something worthwhile. A win-win option is an orthopedic mattress, a thermoset or an electric thermometer. For the village dweller, the water heater is ideal as a gift. As a rule, living somewhere in the village, you often have to warm the water. In an electric kettle you can not boil a lot. And to warm water on a gas burner is not too safe. Choosing what to give a grandmother for 90 years in the village, it is worth considering about those moments of life that can cause inconvenience. However, to give an intricate electrical appliances is not worth it, because, most likely, the birthday girl simply can not cope with them.

Gifts by own hands from children

To any of the listed options should be attached a postcard, after all, 90 years is not just an anniversary, but a truly important date! Also, it should be added that all described can be given only by working members of the family. But what about grandchildren and great-grandchildren? Usually, children are presented with some original gift to their grandmother for 90 years, using all their imagination. These can be handprints of all relatives on a solid sheet of paper, a home wall newspaper dedicated to the birthday girl, just a drawing or hand-made article, as well as a postcard created with her own hand.

Such a gift will certainly be dear to my grandmother. In fact, all the elderly people are sentimental. Therefore, for them, especially valuable is the gift in which the soul is invested. The thing bought in the store is never in this respect comparable to what the person did himself with care and love.


What to give a grandmother for 90 years, with his own hands made, in addition to the above options? Self-painted picture, with small inclinations, is a very good option. Yes, such a gift will not have practical application. But from this it will not cease to be necessary. Simply, it will not be important for the life or health of a person, but for his state of mind.

Love and care

If you still can not decide what to give to your grandmother for 90 years, remember that, no matter how old a person is, care and understanding of relatives will always be important for him. No electrical appliance, no medicine will replace this.

So, by all means, embrace the birthday girl, tell her how much you love her and how important she is to you. It's so simple - to give someone care. But for some reason, in the bustle of life, we often forget how important it is to say words of love and gratitude.


The ninetieth anniversary is an excellent occasion to do, finally, what does not work at other moments of life. It's time to be with your family, team up together and remind your grandmother about how many people need it. Show your care, and gifts and postcards - it's all afterwards.

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