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How to add an organization to "Yandex.Maps": a guide to action

Placing the coordinates of the organization on interactive maps of the network is one of the important moments. So you can attract more targeted visitors to your site. Therefore, it is important to know how to add an organization to Yandex.Maps.

How search search works

The search engine is arranged in such a way that the results are given depending on the region indicated in it, and sometimes for one of the regions (relevant for large cities). When a user searches for a service (hairdresser, pizza delivery, etc.), organizations that are located in the same city are visible. The service "Yandex.Maps" (satellite, hybrid or diagram) shows the location of the organization, if it is added to the system.

A similar search model applies to small stores. But real estate agencies, travel companies and consulting services are not tied to the region.

The dependence of the search engine's work on the location is determined by the query itself. The system allocates parameters that involve physical access to the spectrum of goods or services. First of all, organizations that are located close to the user are defined and their coordinates are shown on the map of "Yandex". Requests that do not require the company's proximity to the user's home are ranked differently.

What can accommodation in maps

If the organization distributes a set of services or goods that need to be received as a result of a quick contact of the seller with the consumer (this can be a taxi service, a cafe, a cinema, a delivery service, repairs, etc.), it is not necessary to invest money in promotion on the web pages and resort to Ways of Internet advertising. It's enough just to add the address to the Yandex card.

So the network users will see the organization when searching for the information they need. This is a simple advertisement that does not cost any money.

A lot of sites and new companies neglect this step and are not registered in the directory, and therefore they lose a lot.

Adding an organization to the "Maps" service

How to celebrate the organization on Yandex.Maps? If there is also a site, it can be added to the service "Webmaster", which is provided by the system. Once the resource is listed, go to the "My sites" link and select it.

How to add an organization to Yandex.Maps? In the item "Geography" it is necessary to find and click on "Addresses of the organization". This is in the left panel under the inscription "General Information".

The Add Company page opens. There will be issued a message that all the companies registered in the "Directory" are involved in the search. The service shows their position on the map.

Then click on the button "Add company". It is at the bottom of the window.

After you can check if there is information about the firm in the catalog. If the check shows a negative result, in the right corner you need to find the button "Add a new company".

How to check if there is a firm in the directory?
When the page opens, you must fill out the entire form. The most important thing is the address field. If the company works remotely, it is enough to choose a country and a region. In this case, the place will be shown in the center of the city.

Filling in requisites

Step two instructions how to add an organization to "Yandex.Maps." Here you must enter a name, exact address, phone numbers and links to pages on social networks. You can also specify the position of an employee who will be in touch.

After the data is filled out, it is necessary to indicate the types of activities offered by the firm. There are two options: to write with your own hand or select the desired heading from the list.

Choosing a placement method

Add the organization to "Yandex.Maps": step three. Here you can easily click on the icon "Standard". Those wishing to receive a label of a different color will have to pay in addition. To give extra money does not make much sense.

At the bottom there will be "captcha" - visual symbols, they must be filled in a small window. Then you can click the "Send" button.

From this moment the application of the company was sent for moderation. The status can be seen next to the ad. Initially, it will contain the inscription "Waiting". As soon as the moderator verifies, a green circle appears and a "Accepted" mark appears. After that, the coordinates on the map of "Yandex" will be attached to the company.

Service Features

  • Schemes of other countries and cities.
  • Detailed maps of more than 300 regions of Russia and neighboring countries.
  • Search for attractions and nearby institutions.
  • Yandex.Maps is a satellite that shows a real image.
  • View panoramas of streets.
  • Tools for measuring the route.

Placing a map of Yandex on the resource

There is also a reverse way, which allows you to fix the necessary position on the map and place it on your site. This gives an opportunity to show visitors how to get to the company.

To do this, you need to select a city, bring the scheme closer to the desired location and mark the objects. A similar map is created.

After the service will provide a link that is easy to place in the engine of your resource.

"Yandex.Maps" is considered the best service for detailing the location of objects. The system has ample opportunities and provides users with additional tools that are convenient when searching or counting a route. All these opportunities ultimately help the business to develop. Therefore, placing your organization in this system is an easy and free way to get customers.

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