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Charter of internal service on the health and appearance of the military

In the summer of 2011, an updated Internal Service Charter was adopted in Russia. In the section devoted to sanitary and anti-epidemic measures, it is defined how to maintain health, observe personal and public hygiene.

Article 343 instructs the military not to hide illness and take care of preserving its health. If a serviceman observes that a patient is next to him, then, in accordance with Article 346 of the Internal Service Charter, he is obliged to report this to the commander. The procedure for localization of infected persons, disinfection of premises and introduction of quarantine is defined in Article 347.

For the prevention of infectious diseases, article 345 provides for the provision of protective vaccinations.

Along with a clear regulation of sanitary and epidemiological actions, the authors of the new way are quite loyal to tobacco and alcohol. The service does not provide for a complete cessation of smoking and drinking alcohol. The provisions of the Internal Service Charter (art. 343) only state that the military should refrain from this. But in this article it is prescribed that you should not allow the use of psychotropic substances and narcotic drugs.

Young people who entered the service in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are obliged to monitor personal hygiene. How to do this is described in detail in Article 344 of the Internal Service Charter.

The military should wash and brush his teeth every morning and evening before bedtime.

Before you go to bed, you need to wash your feet.

The Internal Service Charter prescribes washing hands before each meal. For this, conditions must be created even during field exercises.

Servicemen are obliged to shave in a timely manner, cutting hair and nails. Those who are allowed to wear a mustache are required to maintain them in a neat manner. In the army, the length and shape of the whiskers of subordinates is determined by their commander. And the mustache, and the hairstyle should be such that they do not interfere with putting on and carrying equipment.

The new Internal Service Charter (Article 344) regulates washing in a bath. Everyone should visit there once a week (at least). After a bath change of foot-wear or socks, bed linen and bed-clothes is obligatory. During the week the military must independently maintain the purity of his bed.

In 2013 in the barracks bathrooms began to install shower cabins. The internal service statute prescribes the shower along with other hygiene procedures.

In accordance with the Charter, soldiers are responsible for the purity of their uniforms and gates (white cloth that is sewn under the collar).

The Charter defines measures to observe public hygiene. Duty services are required to maintain the cleanliness of the premises and to ventilate them in a timely manner.

Control of compliance with personal hygiene is carried out according to the daily routine (art. 188), during the morning inspection. If the serviceman looks untidy, the commander has the right to impose a penalty on him. The order of penalties is determined by the Disciplinary Charter.

In addition to duties, military personnel are entitled to appropriate conditions for hygiene procedures. If they are not created, you can file a complaint with the unit commander.

Service in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation accustoms young people to daily observance of personal hygiene standards and careful treatment of their health.

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