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Gas boiler "Ariston" - a guarantee of warmth and comfort in the house

The problem of supply of heating and hot water is almost in front of every owner of the cottage, because in the territory of garden associations often there is no central heating.

Yes, and residents of densely populated cities are also dissatisfied with the quality of communal services supplied, since during severe frosts the radiators remain slightly warm, and hot water in the tap for many people has become a rarity. Gas boiler "Ariston" will help to cope with these problems. The heating equipment of this brand is widely known on the territory of our country and is characterized by high quality and ease of operation. Boilers "Ariston" are divided into wall and floor.

Devices for wall

These devices are designed for heating and heating water in small private houses. Mounting is carried out on the wall. They have rather low power and there is one feature - during the heating of water for everyday needs, the device stops supplying the coolant to the heating system. At the same time, such boilers are very compact, they will fit well into a small room. The wall boiler "Ariston" can be made with a natural or forced smoke removal system. For the functioning of the latter, additional ventilation is necessary, into which combustion waste is supplied. It can be made in the form of two pipes, one in the other. They take air from the street and remove gas from the room.

Floor appliances

The floor boiler "Ariston" is much more powerful than the wall and is suitable for heating large areas. At the same time to ensure the premises with hot water supply , an additional boiler must be connected to it. The floor boiler is very durable, the heat exchanger in it is made of steel or cast iron, and the production technologies have passed the test of time and are repeatedly improved. In boilers of this type, two types of burners are used: inflatable and atmospheric. The first type gives the boiler more performance, in addition, the inflatable burner can be replaced in the event of a breakdown. The boiler "Ariston" with an atmospheric burner is cheaper, but in the event of a breakdown, the equipment will have to be completely replaced.

Device Features

Gas boilers brand "Ariston" fully adapted to work in the conditions of our country. They have the following characteristics:

1. Durability, caused by the manufacture of a device made of steel and copper with a special wear-resistant coating.

2. Ability to select the desired temperature.

3. The boiler "Ariston" is equipped with software in Russian.

4. Protection against voltage surges in the network.

5. Ability to work in conditions of low level of gas and water supply to the system, while the device adapts to this environment automatically.

6. Easy to install and connect.

7. Heating boiler "Ariston" economically consumes gas.

8. Unpretentious servicing

9. Ability to maintain the set temperature

10. Low noise level during equipment operation.

Specialists of the brand regularly add to existing designs, improving them. In addition, training workshops are conducted for workers servicing boilers.

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