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For a full rest people often choose comfortable objects of ecotourism. Such preferences are easily explained to the urban dweller. During the day we are constantly accompanied by: vanity, working moments and traffic jams. Therefore, for a relaxing vacation or a weekend it is important to be isolated from irritating factors and accumulated worries. And where, as not in nature, you can bring your emotional state back to normal.

In Russia, many unique tourist places. One of these is the recreation center "Russian Hunting" (Penza). This is an amazing complex in the forest zone, bordering a picturesque pond. It operates year-round, characterized by high service and hospitality. Here, in a quiet and cozy atmosphere in the bosom of wildlife and the smooth water, you can fully enjoy the weekend and holidays.

A little about the complex

Country recreation center "Russian Hunting" (Penza) by right has won the glory of the best tourist center of Russia. Mixed forest, ecologically clean area, hilly plain and magnificent nature - all this will give an unforgettable impression of the vacation. This place perfectly combines modernity and Russian traditions.

The hostel is constantly expanding the list of entertaining and active services. For its guests the complex gladly offers an extensive exciting weekend program with costumed activities, dance evenings and children's matinees. It's fun to celebrate any celebration: a wedding, birthday parties, corporate parties, anniversaries.

Well-groomed territory is suitable for hiking, biking and horseback riding. Near the pond built cozy pavilions with barbecue and a view of the duck yard. Here there is an artificial waterfall, stone blocks and a beautiful bridge is built, running through the pond.

Number of rooms

Do you want to wake up to the murmur of the water and the singing of birds? Then come to the complex "Russian Hunt" (Penza). For the guests wooden cottages and a small hotel consisting of 11 rooms are built. All residential buildings are decorated in the style of Russian manor, combine modern engineering systems and natural materials.

Regardless of the chosen category, you will be offered the full range of necessary amenities: telephone, central communications, TV with satellite TV broadcasting, bathroom, air conditioning. If you want, you can rent a VIP house near the pond and enjoy privacy. There is a sauna, a swimming pool, a spacious living room with a fireplace in the improved cottage of the tourist center "Russian Hunting" (Penza).

Prices for accommodation are democratic. So, for example, VIP-house for two people will cost 5000 rubles. (Day) including breakfast. Single room on weekends - from 2000 rubles, on weekdays - from 1300 rubles. You can rent a cottage for 12 hours, then the cost will be 50% less.


Guests are served a delicious hot breakfast every morning. Also, the restaurant, which is the pride of the complex, works at the "Russian Hunt" camp site. This is a two-story building with several rooms for 120 people. It is famous for its unrivaled cuisine, quality service and festive atmosphere.

Variety of choice of dishes will amaze even the most demanding and captious client. The menu features national, Caucasian and European cuisine. Prepare meat, fish and vegetable delicacies in the Russian oven, on the grill and spit. An exclusive recipe for you will make pancakes and serve with red caviar, cook a "marble" steak or whole lamb. From only one kind of "salivating run."

The restaurant "Russian Hunting" (Penza) accepts orders for large-scale banquet events. Each client is individually selected and developed a menu. The bar offers a rich collection of fine wines and beers. In addition to the luxurious restaurant, a tea gallery, a cozy pub "Harchevnya" and a cafe "Hunter's Lodge" are open on site. As you can see, there is where to clear up.

Active leisure

One of the most exciting activities in the "Russian Hunt" (Penza) complex is a off-road trip on quadrocycles and snowmobiles under the guidance of an experienced instructor. The route passes through picturesque forest areas and along the river Sura. Such a trip will not leave anyone indifferent and will be remembered for unforgettable and bright moments.

Another equally interesting type of entertainment is the shooting range. For these purposes, there are two shooting galleries with artificial targets. Provides a wide selection of weapons: crossbows, slingshots, bows, pneumatic pistols and rifles. You will be given an introductory briefing and will show in detail how to conduct the shooting.

For conservative tourists - games in volleyball, badminton, paintball, billiards and ping-pong. At the rental office, you can rent a bicycle or roller skates and ride in the surrounding area. In the winter, skis and sleds are given out. All sports equipment and equipment are chargeable.

Bath complex

What Russian person does not like a real bath? After a rich and eventful day, nothing can be better than soaking in a sauna, and then plunge into a cool pool and sip fragrant phyto-tea from hawthorn, currant, linden or rose hips. Near the pond are two baths - "Big" for 10 people, the price of which is 1200 rubles, and "Malaya" - for 6 people, costing 900 rubles. at one o'clock.


The hostel "Russian Hunt" (Penza), a photo of which can be viewed in the article, has three picturesque reservoirs equipped for fishing. Lovers of fishing can use their own gear or rent. In the pond there are pike, carp, white carp and carp. After a rich catch, it is allowed to cook a rich fish soup at the stake.

Business service

Increasingly, business travelers choose countryside hotels as their venue for their presentations and meetings, as fresh air and quiet atmosphere help to tune in the right way. The recreation center professionally organizes any corporate event, regardless of the number of people.

The order price starts from 1800 r. If you want, you will have a buffet table and an assistant. Business guests will have a large conference room, a banquet room, a tea room and seasonal outdoor pools.

Organization of wedding

Each couple in love wants to hold their wedding bright and original. In the complex "Russian Hunting" (Penza) not only professionally organize a celebration, but also provide a comfortable cottage for the newlyweds, will help to decorate the room creatively and tasty to cover the table. Also they will develop a thematic program, based on your wishes, and arrange an enchanting disco.

Thanks to the developed internal infrastructure, your holiday will be 100% complete and will be filled with harmony and romance. For the newlyweds beautifully decorated room: decorate it with fresh flowers and aromatic candles. Professional photo session and video shooting are available. Your wedding will remain in your memory for life.

Additional services

For an additional payment, guests can use the medical center. There is a laundry and a travel agency. Reliable staff will help in organizing the transfer. There are interesting entertainments and concert programs for young children with experienced animators and gay clowns.

In conclusion, I want to say that this complex is the best option for a relaxing stay. Guest reviews mostly speak only of positive impressions. The most important thing is the lack of city bustle and clean nature, which has a productive holiday.

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