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Shut off valve for water and liquid media

The shut-off valve is an armature, the purpose of which is to quickly disconnect the pipeline as a whole or part thereof according to technological requirements or in the event of an emergency. Its main advantage is the speed, because when the device is closed, the spring is triggered instantly. The spring is inflated by an electric or pneumatic actuator.

Shut-off valve: varieties

This type of valve can have a piston or diaphragm pneumatic actuator. In addition, the shut-off valve can belong to one of the types: through, angled, one- or two-seat. By the method of closing, this type of reinforcement can be: spring, pneumatic, electromagnetic or closed cargo.

Scope of application

A shut-off valve with a straight-flow housing is used to transport pulp-like abrasive or contaminated media. In such a device there are no stagnant zones. The steel shut-off angle valve with piston hydraulic actuator having a two-way action is used when operating in a high-pressure environment.

At the moment, this type of reinforcement has such design features that as the control environment, steam is most actively used in it. It works in 1.5-10 seconds. Its cylinder and body are sealed with gaskets, wound spirally, from steel, resistant to corrosion, with an asbestos interlayer. If you compare with the external environment, the tightness of this type of valves is high enough, which contributes to the lack of seals in them. All this makes it possible to significantly increase their reliability during operation and increase their efficiency.

Shut-off valve on water: the difference of the new modification from the old one

The design of this type of reinforcement has been significantly changed, so several weighty differences can be traced. The most important features in the new modification are:

  • Increased resistance to contaminated media;
  • Increased level of tightness;
  • Reliability is maximized;
  • The speed of operation exceeds the old modifications;
  • The pipeline can overlap in two directions: forward and reverse.

This type of valves is most often used in the energy, pulp and paper and food industries, as well as in water purification and its preparation.

Requirements for the shut-off valve

The main requirement in this case is the speed of operation. Compliance is ensured by equipping the valve with a spring or several. Typically, such designs use poppet or helical springs. When using an electric actuator, the valve design assumes the presence of latches that hold the spring in the cocked state and are controlled by electromagnets. The automatic shut-off valve is triggered instantly, and, if necessary, also quickly enters standby mode.

All varieties of this type of reinforcement can be made from different materials: steel, plastic, cast iron or stainless steel.

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