A flower from cold porcelain. Molding flowers from cold porcelain with their own hands

In an age of technological progress, when the industry overflows counters with goods and there are no problems with the acquisition of finished products, a person wanted to create with his own hands. And the Internet of all creative people unites in the community. So, there were many needlewomen who were carried away by cold porcelain. Those products that they produce and demonstrate on their pages on the Internet are very beautiful. A flower from cold porcelain or from polymeric clay is sometimes impossible to distinguish from a living one!

Interesting hobby

Nobody argues that for such creativity one must have the ability to draw and sculpt. But who said that this can not be learned? The first products enough to do on the proposed master classes. When technique comes to master, the ability to mix colors and understand the behavior of the material, then ideas will come for further creativity. The easiest way is to buy ready-made polymer clay and try it in business. But still, flowers from cold porcelain are more beautiful .

Today, on the Internet, many needlewomen demonstrate their talent and products created by them. Seeing this, I want to try to do something like that. A hobby will require some tools and materials. It:

- devices with different tips;

- gurney for dough;

- forms for cutting out;

- wire of two kinds;

- Floral tape;

- scissors.

To make a white rose, which will not be different from a living rose, you will need a special form. On it roll petals: they become as much as possible similar to pink.

Recipe for homemade material

You can buy ready-made, or you can prepare with your own hands cold porcelain. The flowers, the master-class of which are described below, are molded precisely from the homemade mixture. In order to prepare porcelain at home, the following materials are required:

- starch, maybe corn;

- PVA glue;

- oil for children "Johnsons baby";

- vinegar or lemon juice;

- Greasy cream for hands.

Starch and glue is taken for 240 grams, the remaining ingredients - 2 tablespoons or 50 grams.

Sequence of preparation

All the ingredients are mixed in a bowl and placed in a microwave for 30 seconds. Then mix the mixture and mix it well. The action is repeated three times. The last time the mixture will become so thick that it can hardly be stirred.

In this condition, it is transferred to a cutting board greased with a fat cream, and carefully knead to elasticity. This is how cold porcelain prepares by its own hands. Flowers and other products from it do not need to be heated or dried under special conditions: they dry out in the open, in the air.

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the prepared mass does not lie in the open before molding. The finished product is hermetically wrapped in a film and stored in a refrigerator. To sculpt a flower from cold porcelain, it is enough to take a small portion of the material. The rest is closed and placed again in the refrigerator. There are several recipes for the preparation of the mixture, but this is the optimal and easy to manufacture.

MK: cold porcelain, flowers

Finished material is white. But for molding products you need to give it a certain color. You can use oil paints for this. Some needlewomen add color to porcelain, adding to it cosmetic means: blush, shadows. In a small amount of the mixture, a little dye is added and well kneaded so that the color becomes even and the desired shade. In its consistency, it resembles plasticine, but which solidifies.

When cold porcelain is ready, the molding of flowers takes place very quickly. For this purpose, preform is made of wire, napkins and PVA: a bud for a future rose. Around it will be applied rose petals. Before you start your hands are abundantly lubricated with cream.

Molding of rose petals

A small piece of mass is peeled off and rolled into the palms of the hands. Then it kneads, the desired shape is given, the excess is cut off. Using the tool with a round tip, the edge of the petal is smoothed. It is made thin: much thinner from the edge than in the middle. The molding of flowers from cold porcelain is a painstaking and demanding patience.

The tool can be made by yourself: a bead is put on the tip of a wooden skewer, which will play the role of a stack. The resulting small petal is smeared with glue and applied to the workpiece. Excess glue wipes. It is necessary to make a few small petals, which completely cover the bud.

Next turn from the large, blossoming petals. They will be of medium size and they should be glued so that they go one on top of the other. The upper ones are the largest petals, a larger cake is rolled out for them. They are also brought to the condition with beads.

If there is a relief shape, then it is on it. Or you just have to put the notches. A flower from cold porcelain is collected, and it should be sent to dry. It is recommended to place the rose head down, hung on a wire rod.

Stalk and green leaves

To make out the so-called greens, you need a lot of green. You can buy it, you can add a little paint to your white porcelain and knead it to an even distribution of color. For the leaves there are special molds, they can be applied.

Rolls on a grease-dried cream, a layer 1-1.5 mm thick. With the aid of a mold, the leaves are squeezed out. On them it is necessary to make notches and give the appearance of real, living leaves. Making flowers from cold porcelain, you must stock up and a thin wire, which will be glued greens. The wire turns into a prepared floral tape. The tip is smeared with glue and pressed into the porcelain leaf. Surplus of glue is wiped with a napkin. Then the leaf is attached to the rose stem.

Some needlewomen use elements from artificial colors in their work: press the sheet to the porcelain to print the relief and the leaf looked realistic. The form is given to them by means of a stack. When all the details are attached to the stem, it should be completely wrapped with floral tape and hide all the fastenings.

Flower from cold porcelain

The finished product should be left to dry. When the rose dries, it can be varnished. But I want to note that living flowers do not have shine. Therefore, the varnish can give out their artificial origin. The finished product can be left as is, with a matte surface. It all depends on what these flowers are for. If you put it in a vase, not everyone will understand that this product is fashioned from an artificial material. For decorative use, varnish.

Having prepared several roses of different sizes, one can make a beautiful decorative bouquet from them. To do this, add bows of satin ribbon and collect a bouquet, which is beautifully associated.

Different kinds of flowers

There are several recipes for making cold china at home. Flowers, the master-class creation of which is described above, is just the beginning of an interesting hobby. Having mastered the technique and all the nuances, the foreman can not stop: there are a lot of flowers in nature and everyone wants to capture in fine china!

In addition, the hobby will always help to solve the problem of the gift: after all, to the products of porcelain, no one remains indifferent. And what is done by themselves - these are exclusive works. It's hard to repeat the flower: everyone turns out to be special.

An additional recipe for china

Many people use the first version of the recipe. But some of them produce a mass that is not elastic enough or crackles when it dries. Therefore, you can use another way of cooking porcelain, two ingredients in which remain unchanged. This is corn starch and PVA glue. They are taken in equal quantities: for a full portion - 250 grams. To the mixture is added 50 grams of glycerin and 50 grams of vinegar or citric acid. All is stirred and heated in a water bath with constant stirring.

When the mixture is slightly cooled, it can be kneaded to an elastic state. The board and hands should be greased with a thick cream. As in the first case, the finished mass is hermetically wrapped in a film and stored in a cool place.

Beautiful flowers, which are obtained from this material, can decorate the house, making it in its own stylish and original. Gradually, needlewomen start to make amazing bouquets of different kinds of flowers: made up of a bunch of lilacs or autumn asters. It can be whole compositions, which are composed according to the rules of floristic art. Passion for porcelain is a beautiful and original hobby.

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