Booties with knitting needles for beginners - it's easy!

Each young mother can please her baby if she learns to knit knitting needles for beginner needlewomen. The knitting principle of these children's shoes is the same as the socks, so the work will not seem difficult even to the needlewoman with little experience. How to bind booties for beginners with knitting needles and what is needed for this?

For work we will need yarn - wool, half-wool or children's acrylic - 1 skein (100 gr), knitting needles - 5 pcs., Satin ribbon - 1 m.

Booties with knitting needles for beginners: the beginning of knitting.

We dial 48 spokes on the spokes, distribute them evenly on 4 spokes and knit in a circle 5 rows of stocking knit (all eye loops). Then we sew 2 loops together alternately, the nakid - 1 row, again 5 rows of stocking knit. Thus, we have a jagged edge of booties, which must be bent and hemmed. Then, with an openwork pattern, we knit the border, alternating the row: 2 n. Together, 1 napkin, and a series of facial loops.

When the height of the rim reaches 5-6 cm, we begin to execute the heel. Half of the loops are transferred to one spoke and we knit with a stocking knit fabric 6 cm high. Expand the work, knit 15 loops, 2 together, expand the work. We knit 7 loops, 2 together, unfold. So we form the heel until 8 spokes are left on the spoke. On the free spokes we raise 8 loops from the edges on the sides of the heel, again we get 48 loops on 4 spokes. We continue to knit booties on the rise with a lace pattern, and on the sole - with a stocking knit until the product reaches a length of 6 cm. We narrow the work by sequentially tying together 2 loops at the beginning of each knitting needle or 3 together along the sides of the shoe. If you decide to decorate the toe in the second way, make sure that the middle of the three loops are on top, this will give the bootie a neat shape. When there are 2 loops left on the spokes, close them and cut the thread. The end of the thread is inserted into the needle, stretched inside out and fixed with a few stitches. So, we tied the booties with knitting needles. For beginners knitters is a good experience, allowing you to cope with more extensive work. Now we lightly steam the products through cotton cloth and stretch the satin ribbon into the holes of the azhur, tie the tape.

We have considered in detail how to bind booties with knitting needles for beginners, now we can complicate work a little. These booties we knit from the sole. We type 26 knitting needles on the knitting needles and make the cloth garter stitch, adding at the end of the row 1 loop in four rows. The width of the web is about 15 rows, depending on the desired size. Then at the end of each of the 4 rows we subtract one loop, forming an oval sole. Now we recruit loops from all sides of the work (26 in length and 16-18 in width) into four working knitting needles. We carry the top of the shoe with a stocking of about 12 rows, then lifting - 20 rows of stocking or openwork with one of the end spokes, while tying together the last loop of the row and 1 end loop from the next knitting needle. The received booties are made out with an elastic band or other pattern, so that the edge of the desired height is obtained, the edge is decorated with crocheted teeth.

Now you are convinced that to bind booties with knitting needles - for beginners it is not difficult, and you can surprise your friends with an exclusive gift.

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