Christmas tree of coffee beans. Master Class

On the eve of the New Year all the population of our vast country is covered with a feast of fever: in each house they hang bright decorations, cut out snowflakes and wrap up gifts. Today we also want to contribute to the exciting training and teach you how to create handmade articles from handy material. A fir-tree made of coffee beans can become a wonderful gift that will decorate the house of your friends or relatives. Such a souvenir will look great on your desktop and will change the strict office environment. To do this little miracle, you will need a good mood, a junk material and fragrant coffee beans.

Crafts. Master Class

We will take:

  • Heavy paper or a piece of foam for the base.

  • Coffee beans.

  • Twine or dark colors.

  • Beads, ribbons and sequins for decoration.

  • The glue gun.

There are many options for decorating the Christmas tree from coffee beans, but we will start with the simplest.

Stages of crafting

  • To begin with, you must make a foundation for the festive tree. Fold a cone of the right size out of thick paper and secure it securely with glue. If you want the design to be more stable, then cut a foam base for it.

  • Cover the base with a dark paint so that the gaps between the coffee beans are not conspicuous. Also you can use the jute twine to make a cone. Do not forget to fix the thread with glue, otherwise it will start to slide down, and your work will look sloppy.

  • When everything is ready, you can start working with the grains. First you need to decorate the top, and then gradually go down.

  • The Christmas tree of coffee beans is almost ready. In order to decorate it, you can use any improvised means. For example, to form ribbons of bows, tie them with threads and pinned to the base. Nearby you can place large and small beads.

Christmas trees of coffee beans. The second option

This product will look more elegant, but you will have to spend a little more time and effort on it. But the result will undoubtedly please you. You will need the following materials:

  • A small cone of foam.

  • Thin and thick wire.

  • Coffee beans.

  • Jute twine.

  • Alabaster.

  • The glue gun.

  • Small glass jar.

  • Sackcloth.

  • Decorative elements for decoration.

Sequence of work

  • Braid the base with twine, so that no gaps are visible. Fix the rope with glue.

  • Thin wire fold in half, tie a string on the bend and wrap it "tail". We put the ends in the top of the future tree and fix it with glue.

  • At the base of the cone, we insert a thick wire and wrap it in the same way with a twine.

  • Using a gun, we glue the grains. In this case, you should start from the acute lower edge. After that, close the whole bottom part and climb up. The top should be left open.

  • The glass jar is arbitrarily wrapped with burlap and fixed with hot glue.

  • To the tree was stable, the pot is filled with dilute alabaster or any material similar to it. The surface is covered with decorative moss or coffee beans.

  • We decorate the finished wood with threads, bronze pendants and dried lemon slices.

The Christmas tree of coffee beans is ready and can please you until next year.

The third variant of crafts

  • Make a cone out of a thick cardboard, leaving a small gap at the top. To the tree of coffee beans firmly kept on its pedestal, fill the base with crumpled paper.

  • Cut off a small piece of wire, bend it and attach it with an adhesive gun to the top.

  • Make the top of the bulk we will help toilet paper - wrap it with a wire and fix it with glue.

  • The trunk can be made of a wooden stick or a thick felt-tip pen of a dark color.

  • The bottom of the cone will need to be closed with a cardboard circle, make a hole in it, insert the barrel and securely fix everything with hot glue.

  • The pot, in which the tree will stand, is made with the help of a plastic jar filled with diluted alabaster. When the solution hardens, cut and remove the mold.

  • Cut a small piece of burlap and wrap it around the base.

  • Now you can proceed with the design of the cone with coffee beans. Lay the first lower row exactly, with a small allowance, and the rest of the space is closed in a chaotic order.

  • On the inclined top you can hang a silvery snowflake or an asterisk, and then decorate the cone and trunk.

If you liked working with such wonderful material as coffee beans, then we advise you not to stop there. Now you can easily make your own funny animals, a stylish clock from coffee beans or an original panel. Decorate your house with nice things, and it will immediately become cozy and warmer.

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