How to tie a sheep crochet: a diagram and a description, a master class for beginners

Who does not like knitted toys? Keeping the heat of the hands, they bring comfort and positive. Such a toy will be pleased not only by the child, but also by any adult. After all, it will nicely decorate the interior.

In this article, we'll look at how to tie a sheep crochet. The scheme and description will help us in this. And also, in addition to toys, we will disassemble how to tie a sheep-tack.

Preparation of materials for a stick-peg

To understand how to tie a lamb crochet, the outline and description of which will be suggested below, you should first pick up the threads of the desired colors. Also for each sheep you will need four beads, a pair of eyes, a thread and a needle. Do not forget about the scissors. For bonding certain parts, glue is needed. Best in such cases is the "Moment Crystal"

How to tie a lamb crochet (outline and description): pothook

First, we take the yarn, the color of which will be the main yarn in the sheep, and we knit a circle of suitable diameter from it. We use columns without a crochet for this. To do this, any scheme on which you can associate a circle is suitable. For example, such. The number of rows that you get on the basis of the work will depend on the desired size of the future tack, as well as the thickness of the yarn used. If your yarn is not thick enough, fold it twice, maybe even three times. After all, the purpose of the tack is to protect your hands from the heat of the heated dishwashers. And this is impossible if the thickness of the material is insufficient for these purposes. After the last circle is created, we begin to bind it with "fans". "Fan" should consist of five columns, each of which has one cape. The wavy edge will mimic sheep curls. You can leave in this form, and you can also tie the finished part with contrasting threads, using for this columns without a crochet. In the process of strapping, you need not forget that any pothook should have a loop, for which it is suspended. To create it, just connect in the middle of the work chain, consisting of air loops in the amount, for example, fifteen pieces. That's all. Our main part is ready.

We knit a muzzle for the lamb-pothard

To the muzzle of a lamb looked good, it is better to take the yarn different from the one from which the main part is connected. Now we knit a circle of this size, which should be a face. It's about three or four rows. As soon as the work is finished, we do not break off the threads, we create ears from the air loops, and hide the ends of the threads neatly on the wrong side. This is the easiest way. But you can tie oval ears separately, using columns without a crochet, and then sew them to the muzzle of a lamb. Hairstyle can be made in the form of a cloud, from a contrasting thread, and attach this hairstyle to the head. In knitting use the same method as when tying the main part.

Create legs

Now it was the turn of the legs. They can be done very simply. Tie the chains of the air loops of the necessary length, one chain for the two legs. We attach a bead from both edges. Just put it on a chain and tie a knot. And now you just need to attach these legs from below. Pull them into any hole and tie. Each lamb should end up with four legs. It remains only to glue the eyes.

That's all. We studied one of the options for how to tie a sheep crochet. The scheme and description of the creation of potholders will certainly help even novice needlewomen.

Preparing materials for knitting lamb toys

Consider below how to tie a sheep crochet (chart and description for beginners) in a dress. This option will appeal to any girl. And not only to the baby, but also quite an adult lady. This toy will not only be able to become a girlfriend in games for a little princess, but also quite adorn the interior. How to tie a lamb crochet? The master class requires the following materials and tools. First, you will need yarn. Choose the color according to your taste. It is better if the yarn is soft and pleasant to the touch. This is especially important if the toy is intended for children. Secondly, you need a hook, which is selected accordingly yarn. Usually the number of the suitable hook is indicated on the label. Certainly, a filler is necessary, which is best suited for sintepon or sintepux. You will also need scissors, a needle and threads to match the yarn.

How to tie a lamb crochet (diagram and description): toy (head)

Knitting the head should start with the muzzle and finish at the back. It is made in the process of knitting. The head consists of 40 rows. In the first circle we perform six columns without a crochet. In the 2 nd in each column of the previous circle, we fasten 2 posts without a crochet. A total of 12 posts should be completed. In the 3rd circle we knit 1 column without a crochet, then 2 columns without a crochet in the next column of the first circle. And repeat this combination 6 times. There should be 18 columns in total.

In the 4th circle - 2 posts without a crochet and 2 sticks without a crochet in the next column of the 30th circle. Repeat all 6 times. Total 24. In the 5th circle - 3 posts without a crochet and 2 stitches without a crochet in one loop (also 6 times) - 30 columns. The sixth circle is 4 columns without a crochet and 2 in one loop (6 times) - 36 columns. In the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th circles, respectively, 5, 6, 7 and 8 columns between the two in one loop. Everywhere the combinations are repeated 6 times, as a result, 42, 48, 54 and 60 columns respectively in each circle.

Then, from the 11th to the 14th circle, simply the columns without a crochet are knitted into each column in front of the walking circle. Then the 15th, 17th, 19th and 21st circles are knitted with the following combination: 8, 7, 6 and 5 columns respectively and one decrease. This combination in each circle is repeated 6 times. And in the 16th, 18th and 20th rows, ordinary columns are crocheted without a crochet in every column ahead of the circle. Total in the 21st circle you will get 36 columns. In the 22nd and 23rd - also ordinary columns without a crochet. In the 24th circle - 16 columns without a crochet, 2 columns in one, then 2, 2 in one, 16 columns without a crochet. In the 25th circle - 17 columns, 2 in one, 3 columns, 2 in one, 16 columns without a crochet. In the 26th circle - 18 without a crochet, two in one, four columns, 2 columns in one, 16 columns without a crochet. The circle of the 27th - 16 columns without a crochet, 2 columns in one, 2, 2 in one, then 5, 2 in one, 2 columns, 2 columns in one, 13 columns without a crochet. There are 46 columns in total.

The circle of the 28th - 17 columns without a crochet, 2 in one, 3 columns, 2 in one, 6 columns, 2 in one, 3 columns, 2 in one, 13 columns without a crochet. A total of 50 columns. And the 29th and 30th circles are simply columns without a crochet. In the 31st round, the combination of "8 columns plus 1 decrease" is repeated five times. The result should be 45 columns. In the 32-m circle we knit the columns without a crochet. In the 33rd, 34th, 35th, 36th, 37th, 38th and 39th circles we knit such a combination: 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 column respectively plus one Decrease. This combination should be repeated five times in each circle. As a result, in the 39th row there should be 10 columns. In the forties there are five decrements and a thread is fixed. For hairdo you can use yarn "grass".

Knitting the torso

To tie a trunk for a sheep, which in combination will be a dress, you will need a yarn of two colors. One of them is the color of the lamb's body, or just white, and the second is the color of the dress. The body torso on the same principle as the head, only a larger size. Begin knitting is on the bottom, with the thread that will designate the torso. If you have about one-fourth of the whole torso, attach a thread of a different color and knit to the end. Stuff your body in the course of mating. Once the work is completed, attach a thread of contrasting color at the transition from one color to another and associate a pair of rows. After that, tie the fishnet skirt according to the scheme. Above it was told how to tie a sheep crochet (diagram and description). The photos presented here will surely help you in this.

We knit ears, handles and legs

Now you need to make a limb lamb. They also tie in the same principle. At first, round hoofs are loosened, packed, and then the hinges are gradually reduced to the thickness that you want for the legs and handles of the lamb. And then we knit in a circle to the required length. On hands on the principle of skirts you can tie openwork sleeves. In the process of studying how to tie a sheep crochet, the diagram and description will certainly help you. Then both the handles and legs should be sewn to the body. To link the ears, use the diagram below.

Then just attach them to the head and head itself - to the trunk.

Finishing touch

Here we are with you and figured out how to tie a sheep crochet. A master class for beginners is quite suitable. It remains to work very little to complete the image of our sheep - to make her eyes and decorate the dress. Use tapes, beads and pendants for this. And you can even glue overhead cilia.

That's it. Our wonderful toy is ready. You can give it to someone, and with it - and a piece of heat. It's so nice to give someone a little joy! Do and do not be afraid to experiment in creative processes.

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