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Children's kitchen with their own hands. Children's play kitchen with water by their own hands

All children in their games try to imitate the adults, and almost every child has a moment when the most favorite toys are ordinary pans, bowls, ladles and spoons. And watching the game in the children's sandbox, you can see how girls and boys cook there all kinds of salads, cakes and other dishes. So why not please your favorite child and not make a children's kitchen with your own hands?

Such a toy, of course, can be bought, if the financial situation allows, but it is much more interesting to work with the child with the creative process and make it yourself. And, most importantly, the hostess herself will be able to determine what color her kitchen will be, where the stove will be, and where the sink is.

Cardboard as the main material

There are a lot of options for creating such a toy. In this piece of self-made material, any materials will be used. The most primitive option is a children's play kitchen from cardboard. To do this, you need a few boxes of shoes, appliances or some products. It is necessary to choose such dimensions that the two or three boxes connected together are smaller than the same height and become well on the one that is larger.

Packings from under the shoe are glued to the smaller sides by the bottom of the back, make two such modules and, by stacking them on top of each other, connect. There should be something like a shelf, divided into 4 sections. After this part is ready, it is installed on the far edge of a large box turned upside down and fixed. As a result, the basis is obtained, from which the excellent children's cuisine will be released.

With your own hands it is easy to decorate it so that the toy has acquired an appropriate look. For this purpose, you can use wallpaper or a sticker that decorates the entire surface. Here in the course can go all the remnants of materials after repair: ceiling foam plinths, edges, corners, plastic and even small ceramic tiles. For all these elements, the main thing is to pick up a good glue that will fix them firmly. To make a stove on the kitchen surface, you need a good waterproof paint, which draws the hob and oven under it.

Plywood and a fret saw. Infinite flight of fantasy

Another more reliable option is a children's kitchen, made with your own hands from plywood. There are a little more work here, but the result is worth it. For this craft, you need some calculations, which make the basis. And then there are just huge opportunities for the manifestation of fantasy. To make calculations, it is not necessary to take measurements, so to speak, from the air. You can find a suitably sized piece of furniture at home and just measure it: the height and width of all sides.

The process of creating a kitchen

Then from the plywood with the help of a jig saw cut out the corresponding rectangles and connect them from inside the frame with the help of wooden slats. Then they move to forming a working wall and hanging lockers, which can be made open or with doors. Collect them on the same principle as the basis.

Undoubtedly, a child will like a children's kitchen with water or light, and realize this is not so difficult, as it may seem at first glance. For the model with a water pipe you need a small tap, a hose, a plastic bottle and a sealant. On the surface a hole is cut into which a plastic bowl with a drain is placed, a tap is placed near it. Next, you need to connect the bottle with the hose and the faucet with glue and sealant. A hole is left above the container so that water can be added to it. Install it in one of the top drawers, so that water will flow from the open faucet.

For light, several flashlights are needed, which are attached to a small kitchen roof so that they have access to replace the batteries. All of them must be connected to one switch, which will enable all lamps to be turned on simultaneously. Then it's just the decor. Such furniture can be painted from a can, drawing on it both an oven and a stove.

Old buffet - the perfect children's play kitchen

With their own hands it is easy to remake unnecessary furniture, equipping it under the kitchen for the child. Grandma's old buffet is ideal for this purpose. The first thing you need to do is increase the child. This will require a jig saw. Next, it must be cleaned, dyed, attach the necessary hooks, install a bowl from the bowl, mentioned above, a tap with a water tank and flashlights for light. Draw the necessary technique directly on the surface of the cupboard. It is thanks to such simple tricks and little things will come out excellent children's cuisine. With your hands for it you can make any kitchen utensils, which will make the game even more interesting.

Kitchen trivia, or All in an adult way

For a full-fledged game, the child will need various trifles, which are in the arsenal of any mistress. These are all kinds of washcloths, towels, bottles of detergents, pots, plastic dishes, thanks to which the children's game kitchen will become almost real. For a complete set, the child can sew an apron and a cap, like a real cook. This idea will appeal to both girls and boys. Here, the child will rapidly develop creative abilities, imagination and imagination.

Kitchen as a pride of the little mistress

Children's cuisine, created by their own hands, can become a real masterpiece that can be proudly shown to all guests at home. As a supplement to it in the toy store you can buy special sets of products with cutlery, which you can cut and make from them a variety of dishes. If there is an opportunity to install such a toy on the street, for example, in your own yard, then there must be ingredients for culinary masterpieces: sand, earth, pebbles, glass, grass, flowers and other small things that you can find right under your feet. In this case, playing with water in the summer will give the child the opportunity to open all his creative abilities and, most importantly, will not be a problem for parents, which can not be said about playing in an apartment.

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