We create dolls from foamiran: master-class with step-by-step instruction

Foamiran is a plastic and pliable material, visually similar to suede, which includes venyl acetate. To the touch it resembles a thin rubber. Due to the fact that it easily stretches and keeps the shape well, it is most often used to create flowers. They are very realistic, tender, so the material is also called "plastic suede".

Material Features

Foamiran is ecological, it is easy to cut, it is possible to wash and paint with acrylic. It is often used to create children's products: soft puzzles, books, toys and rugs. Blanks of plastic suede are fastened together with a conventional glue gun. Products do not absorb water, quickly restore the shape when crumpled and soften under the influence of heat. The material can be used to create interior dolls.

Dolls from Foamiran: a master class for beginners

The master class will be devoted to making a simple toy for a girl. The preparation of the doll's head can be a regular Christmas tree with a cut off top. It is advisable to take a plastic, rather than a glass one, or replace it with a foam ball 5 cm in diameter. We will heat the material with an iron. You can take different patterns for a doll from Foamiran.

The following tools and materials should be prepared for the master class:

  • Several sheets of plastic suede in different colors;
  • Steel manicure scissors with good sharpening;
  • An officer's line;
  • pencil;
  • handle;
  • Synthetic brush;
  • acrylic paints;
  • Bamboo stick;
  • Wire;
  • Oil pastel;
  • Cotton wool or foam sponge;
  • Chopsticks for sushi;
  • Patterns for hair, dresses, hands and feet.

How to make a head for a doll

We start a master class on dolls from famiarana from the manufacture of the head. We need a sheet of plastic suede flesh-colored size 9 x 9 cm for the face of the doll and one more, but darker hue, for the neck. Of the dark material, we'll do our hair later. We choose the color of hair to your taste.

We begin to form the material:

  1. We put it on the heated platform, smooth and pull on the workpiece. Determine the desired temperature can be a finger - the iron should not burn.
  2. First we do the front part of the head, then the occipital part. We cut out two hemispheres from the resulting blanks and put them on the ball, checking how much the edge turned out to be even.
  3. If everything is in order, glue the halves to the ball with an adhesive gun. That from glutinous cores the "spiderweb" did not turn out, they can be held in the refrigerator in advance.
  4. Then cut out a strip of plastic suede flesh-colored and close the seam to it.

Face and makeup for the doll

When the blanks have seized, draw the eyes. You can use for the master-class photo of the doll from the fameirana, already ready, and redraw the eyes of her. First, draw a contour with a pencil, then with a pen. We help ourselves with an officer's line. Then we paint the eyes with acrylic paint. Do not forget about the glare to indicate the direction of the view. They are easier to apply with a bamboo stick. After drying the paint draw the rest of the details - nose, smile. Dry pastel, using a cotton swab, we put a blush on the cheeks of the doll. Draw freckles with a bamboo stick. The next step in our master class on dolls from the foyraman will be creating a haircut.

We decorate the head

Cut out a pattern of a bang of the same color as the back of the head. We make two rectangular billets for the tails: we make parallel incisions, creating strands. Now they need to be wound, heating the material on the iron, and curl curls with a wooden stick. Collapse the rectangle to make a tail. We glue the bang and tails to the head. You can do just curly hair or another haircut. It is important to avoid the appearance of traces of glue on the workpiece. We continue the master class on dolls from foyamir: now we will do trunk.

Body and dress

For the body, you need to cut out a cone-shaped piece of foam and wrap it with a plastic suede of a light, flesh-colored hue. On a pattern, we cut out a piece of the poduct and stick it to the workpiece. Now take the pattern of the skirt and cut out two or three details from the fameiran of the desired color. Make a hole in the middle and stretch the workpiece on the trunk of the doll. Fix it in place with glue. On the edge of the skirt you can apply a picture of acrylic paint. Cut out the top part of the dress according to the template and glue it to the body. We make a belt of plastic suede of contrasting color.

Hands and wings

We cut out the hands according to the template from the material of flesh-colored color, for them two rectangular pieces of fameiran will be needed in the tone of the dress and the wire:

  1. We take the inside of the sleeve, put the wire in the center and seal it. Insert the palm of the flesh color.
  2. From the top we wrap the second part of the sleeve and form it in the form of a bell. Gluing.
  3. Repeat for the second hand.
  4. We glue dolls to the body.

You can turn an ordinary pupa into a fairy. For this we cut out the wings by pattern and paint them with acrylic. Edge the edges of the pastel and fix it on the trunk with glue.

We make feet and collect a toy

At the final stage of the master class for the puppets from foamiran we will make our feet and then collect the toy:

  1. For shoes, an egg-shaped foam piece is needed, which is divided into two identical halves. They are stretched plastic suede. The edges are cut. We glue the sheet to the foam.
  2. Legs are made from sticks for sushi: we tighten them 2/3 with flesh colored material and glue it, leaving part of the stick for connection to the foot.
  3. For golfers, cut out the square of the same color as the inside of the sleeve, make one edge jagged and fix it on the lower part of the leg, rolling a stick to make it smooth.
  4. The lower part of the toe, at the place of attachment with shoes, needs to be cut slightly.
  5. We connect the torso, head, shoes and legs with glue. The dress can be decorated with buttons, beads, beads, and shoes - with bows.

So our master-class ended: "A doll from fameiran with own hands". The toy is ready.

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