How to make snowballs from cotton wool with your own hands

Prepare for the winter holidays? Do you want to decorate the interior with something unusual? If you are bored with motley tinsel and want to create a stylish neat composition, make snowballs from cotton wool with your own hands and use them as decor. Delicate fluffy balls will give a zest to any winter decoration.

How to make snowballs. Options

The simplest thing is to make snowballs from cotton wool by your own hands, but there are other ways that will give an opportunity to get original elements of winter decor. Modern materials will create white balls with sparkles, and with overflows, and even fluffy. So, in addition to cotton wool, snowballs can be created in the following ways:

  • Make of crumpled paper or papier-mache;
  • Crochet and fill with sintepon;
  • Use coils of white yarn;
  • Sew from fabric, for example fleece;
  • Make of kapron pantyhose or socks, decorating the surface of the ball with silver tinsel or yarn like "grass";
  • Twist of thread on a round basis.

In a word, there is a choice. You can try different options. Especially it will be interesting for children.

Snowball with own hands made of cotton wool: a method without glue

This technology is simple, but on it you can make different types of jewelry. In this case, you need to sew a ball of any material, and the surface is simply a wadding or an additional decor. Materials are needed:

  • Old pantyhose;
  • Thread and needle;
  • Cotton wool;
  • bandage;
  • White or silver tinsel or other decor.

Snowball with his hands made of cotton wool this way is done as follows:

  1. Cut off a piece of suitable size from tights and twist it in the form of a ball, sew, where required, with a needle. You can use pantyhose as a shell, and fill the spherical "bag" with scraps of scraps or synthepon. The color of the base is unimportant, since the surface will close.
  2. Tear off a little cotton wool and distribute it on the received ball so that the "insides" do not shine through, especially if they are of a different shade. Wrap the layer of cotton wool with a bandage and sew it with threads so that it does not turn around.
  3. To impart decorative properties of the surface, wrap the resulting blank with white or silver tinsel or a "grass" type yarn.

There is nothing complicated. The only drawback is the use of a needle and thread, that is, a small child himself will not be able to produce an article using such a technology.

Wadding and glue

If you want to learn how to make snowballs from cotton wool with your hands with a baby, then use one of the following methods. In the first case, you will need the following materials:

  • Cotton wool;
  • PVA;
  • Varnish for hair (better with sparkles).

Manufacturing technology consists of three steps:

  1. Take a piece of cotton wool and drip on it PVA.
  2. Fold the ball so that the glue is inside.
  3. Cover the surface with hairspray.

So quickly you can make snowballs from cotton wool.

We make snowballs with our own hands in one more way. Here you need to weld the paste. You need the following:

  • A glass of cold water.
  • 2 teaspoons of starch.
  • Heat resistant container (saucepan).
  • A tool for stirring (spoon, stick).
  • Brush for applying glue.
  • Vata.
  • Sequins or other decor.

The technology of work is:

  1. Pour water into the prepared container and gradually strew the starch, stirring while doing this.
  2. Put the composition on a slow fire until the signs of boiling (bubbles), also constantly stirring thoroughly. If there are still lumps, mix everything with a whisk or use a fork.
  3. While the glue cools, roll balls of cotton wool.
  4. Apply evenly with a brush to the surface of the bead prepared composition and sprinkle with sequins.
  5. Put the products to dry to a battery or use a hairdryer. It is advisable to turn the balls in the drying process.

The second technology with a paste is suitable even for small children, as safe materials are used, and the composition is applied to the cooled. Clearer, of course, will make adults.

How to use artificial snowballs

So, before you ready white balls. What can be done with them:

  • To make a garland on the wall.
  • Run toys for the Christmas tree.
  • Expand under the tree.
  • Collect snowmen or animal figurines.
  • Compose a beautiful composition in a basket in combination with colored balls.

These are just a few possible ideas for using snowballs. Apply your imagination, and you will get excellent decorations for the interior.

As you can see, snowballs made of cotton wool can be made by their own hands in many ways. Choose the right one and create an original winter decor yourself or with the children.

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