Patterns of chiffon blouses: a romantic style is always in trend

This year some ideas for wardrobe from the 1950s returned to fashion. The most vivid and non-decreasing trends, perhaps, include the most diverse models of chiffon blouses, both of simple cut and decorative elements: ribbons, cuffs, collars, jabos and other. Equally topical are both monophonic material and decorated with a catchy print: in animal style (leopard, tiger), romantic floral or in tender small peas, giving the girl lightness and elegance. More budget option, but not in the least losing, will be blouses made of chiffon, hand-sewn.

This airy, almost weightless material is easy to find in all parts of fabrics and sewing accessories, and the main advantage is that the blouse will be literally sewn to you. Size, texture, color and decor - it all depends on your imagination and desire to emphasize the best sides of your figure. In addition, patterns of chiffon blouses can always be found in magazines on needlework. Self-created clothes will always be much better, even if you compare it with the wardrobe, purchased in expensive boutiques. And not only because it will be made with love for themselves and for women, but also because it will be the only specimen in the world.

Getting Started

So, first you need to choose one of the many options for making blouses from chiffon, according to which you can calculate the amount of material needed, choose the color, the presence or absence of a print and small sewing accessories. For example, a shirt of simple cut with an average length of 52 cm, an ornament of sleeves-lanterns and a small collar will be very romantic and feminine. Chiffon choose black in small white peas. This option is suitable for long skirts, and for trousers, and even for short jeans shorts, also not leaving the fashionable Olympus in the summer season. And to emphasize your wasp waist, you will need to make four high grooves from the bottom of the product to the chest level, two in front and behind. To improve the pattern of blouses made of chiffon, you can make it a little longer, so it's easy to tuck into trousers or decorate with a thin belt.

So, we buy material in the size 1.7 (2) * 1.5 meters (you can even buy two colors to embellish the cuffs of sleeves and collar with the second cut), +5-6 suitable buttons, fleece and thin elastic. Next, we find a pattern for the design of chiffon blouses from the well-known Burda magazine and transfer it to the fabric, in no way forgetting the allowances.

Some secrets of work

So that the chiffon does not slide on the table, we spread a linen or other dense tablecloth under it, and in order to save the cut, we cut it into one layer. From above we impose a template, but do not pin it, but press it with weights, since chiffon is a capricious fabric that easily traumatizes. For the same reason, we choose a thin machine needle and similar, but strong (better silk) threads. The width of the stitch should be made no more than 2 mm, so that the fabric holds tight and does not subsequently creep.

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