Scrapbooking. Chocolaty: the scheme. How to Make Chocolate Girl

Very often, there are options for inexpensive souvenirs that can be handed to a person not even for a holiday, but simply as a thanks. Most often give chocolate. If you like non-ordinary ideas, read on. You will learn how to turn ordinary sweetness into a full-fledged beautiful souvenir. Have you heard what scrapbooking is? A chocolate in the form of a box or postcard, made in this technique, will be a pleasant surprise to the person you want to make an inexpensive gift.


In fact, this way, initially formed albums with photos to preserve memories of pleasant events from life. Previously, for decorating the pages of the family book used the usual clippings from magazines, newspapers, laces, beads, bows, in one word, improvised means. Now all this can be purchased in the form of specialized sets of certain subjects (children's, romantic, for registration of photos from travel).

The basis in scrapbooking is decorative paper with different textures on the surface, pattern and properties (mother-of-pearl, metallized), so you can make any kind of products from cardboard or thick sheets: postcards, gift bags, boxes. Here such a variety of souvenirs can decorate scrapbooking. Chocolate girl is no exception.

What ideas can I use

So, you decided to try to make a souvenir yourself , bought one or more chocolates. Now we have to choose how the packaging will look for them. You have already determined the manufacturing technique. This is scrapbooking.

Chocolate girl (scheme or template) is drawn on a sheet of paper according to the size of the bought sweetness. Usually use such design options:

  • Envelope;
  • Box;
  • card.

Working tools (scrapbooking)

The chocolate is made with the help of such devices:

  • Pencil and ruler;
  • scissors;
  • Punch with a patterned pattern;
  • Thermo gun.

Punchers that allow you to get curly slits or make openwork edges are very popular among those who manufacture souvenirs and gifts from paper. You do not need to cut out the scissors with complex shapes. With this device, you can easily decorate the edges of the postcard with a strip of hearts or stars. This tool is useful to you repeatedly if you are engaged in making gifts.

The same applies to the thermal gun. It is a heating device inside which glue rods are placed. Under the influence of temperature, they begin to melt, and the composition through the hole comes out. With such a thermo-gun it is easy to connect parts quickly and in hard-to-reach places.

Our article will help to understand, what sequence of actions should be observed when such a beautiful thing as a chocolate bar is made. MK scrapbooking will create spectacular souvenirs very quickly.

Prepare the base and decor

As for materials, use these:

  • Paper for scrapbooking or any other with decorative properties (color, with a pattern, embossed);
  • Flat or bulky stickers of suitable subjects;
  • satin ribbons;
  • Bows;
  • Beads;
  • lace.

If you show creativity, imagination and do the right job, you will have a beautiful chocolate bar with your own hands. Scrapbooking does wonders. After all, only half an hour from a regular sheet of paper you can create a decorative thing that will look no worse than a purchase of souvenirs, but bring more joy and pleasant emotions to you and to someone to whom you will give a gift.

Manufacturing technology

It is clear that in each case, the actions will be slightly different, but the overall scheme of work is still there. It is as follows:

  1. On the sheet that is intended for the base, draw a pattern of chocolate.
  2. Cut out.
  3. Conduct along the fold lines from the front and back side with a sharp but not cutting object. A non-writing pen, a spoke, a skewer, a toothpick will do. This is to ensure that the cardboard does not break and does not form ugly cracks and wrinkles when bending.
  4. Add the workpiece, try on the chocolate.
  5. Decorate the product with those elements that are convenient to glue on the sweep, rather than on the collected thing.
  6. Gluing in the right parts.
  7. Complement the final decorations.

Select a template

To make you get a beautiful, carefully made in the technique of "scrapbooking" chocolate bar, the scheme of the product must be thought out in advance.

The simplest template, as in the photo above, is easy to build yourself. To simplify the work, it is enough just to print it on the right scale, cut out and circle on a decorative sheet. It is even easier to print directly on colored decorative paper, only the lines of the circuit should be slightly gray or be only on the inside of the product.

If you take a ready-made template, see that it fits the size of your sweetness. Choose a scheme that you can assemble. If you have little time or not enough experience, use simple workpieces. For advanced needlewomen, a box is suitable, which can be performed according to the following scheme.

If you draw the workpiece yourself, you can simply outline the chocolate on paper. Please note that the design must be reliable so that the gift does not accidentally fall out of the package.

In the case of a postcard, consider a pocket, for an envelope, a fastener or ribbons for tying.

Chocolate girl (scrapbooking). Master Class

The scheme of work when performing such a package, as in the photo below, will be as follows:

  1. Take not very dense wrapping paper and pack chocolate in it.
  2. Cut out the workpiece from the scrapbooking sheet, which you can wrap the sweetness with. Do not forget to leave the allowance for gluing.
  3. Make a strip of paper. With the help of a punch, you can make a figured edge or edging from decorative holes.
  4. Glue the part on top of the base.
  5. Decorate the product with other elements.

To perform such a souvenir thing you will need a little time. So, you learned how to make a chocolate bar (scrapbooking) in just a few minutes. This is the easiest way to prepare a large number of gifts quickly.

Chocolate girl in the form of an envelope and a box

This is a slightly different option, which is also done easily. The sequence of work is:

  1. Take the album sheet as the basis. Put the chocolate on it.
  2. Take measurements, if necessary, use a ruler to get even edges.
  3. Trim excess.
  4. Make two folds, having preliminary spent in these places of a line a spoke or a stick.
  5. Glue the ribbon-ties.
  6. Decorate the product as desired.

For the same sample, it is easy to make a postcard. It is enough to glue a pocket from the bottom of the central rectangle, into which the sweetness will be embedded. It will not fall out, even if the postcard is placed vertically.

The next form of chocolate will require a more complex sweep in the form of an envelope-box. The basis is best used two-sided paper.

You saw how you can apply scrapbooking. Chocolate girl in this style, made on any, even the most simple template, looks very impressive. No wonder they say that a beautiful package is half of the gift.

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