Jack Sparrow - New Year's costume for a child

The first films about pirates of the Caribbean Sea aroused great interest among the audience. Thousands of children, and adults began to look forward to the following parts of this movie story about the adventures of brave robbers, the most charming of which was recognized by Jack Sparrow.

For many decades, one of the most popular fancy dresses for New Year's children's morning performances and other festive events is the outfit of a pirate. After the screen on the picture of the "Curse of the Black Pearl" "many boys wanted to look like carnivals, like Jack Sparrow. The costume of this character is quite easy to make by yourself. In this case, you can use unnecessary clothes and accessories that are in every house.

What will it take to make Jack Sparrow's suit with your own hands?

The outfit for a movie pirate consists of:

  • Bandanas;
  • Shirts;
  • Waistcoat;
  • Trousers;
  • Jackboots;
  • Wig.

To make a costume pirate Jack Sparrow, will need:

  • Crepe-satin or white satin for sewing a shirt;
  • Velvet brown or burgundy color for trousers;
  • Chiffon red for belt and bandanas;
  • Artificial suede or leather for a vest;
  • wig;
  • Two leather belts;
  • Cloth for boots;
  • Beads for the wig.

In addition, in toy stores you need to buy a sword and a gun, and in souvenir shops - a purse (however, you can sew it yourself).

How to make a Jack Sparrow costume with your own hands

The carnival costume begins with the bandana cut from the chiffon red cut on the child's head, the edges of which need to be processed with an overlock or an ordinary zigzag on the sewing machine.


  • From a satin sew a shirt with high cuffs and wide sleeves;
  • From the fabric under the skin or suede, an elongated waistcoat of the simplest style is cut out;
  • Stitching the details;
  • Make long leggings from the fabric in the color of shoes - so that, putting them together and turning away the "bootlegs", get something like boots;
  • From velvet fabric they sew ordinary "pajamas" trousers on an elastic band;
  • If there is a ready-made wig, then do not fasten the beads and braid the braids.

The problem of the hairstyle with which your "Jack Sparrow" should appear on the matinee (the costume without it will be incomplete) can be solved in another way, having plaited braids woven from thick black yarn into a bandanna.

We make Captain Jack's costume from improvised materials

When preparing a child for carnival, you can do without any financial costs. In order to make Jack Sparrow's costume (children's costume) from improvised materials, you will need:

  • Old shirts of black (brown) and red;
  • White shirt;
  • Old jacket;
  • Jacket or cloak of leather or leatherette;
  • Old felt hat (if any);
  • Any trousers of dark color;
  • Boots, preferably with high bootlegs.

Order of work

To get the costume of Jack Sparrow (child) you need to make:

  • Bandana and hairstyle.

Take the old T-shirts of red and black (brown) colors. From the first cut out a large triangular piece for the bandana. The second is cut into thin strips. Sew them to the bandana and weave three of them to make pigtails. Decorate the "hairstyle" with beads.

  • Shirt.

To make this important item of the pirate wardrobe, Dad or Mama's white shirt is suitable, if she has long sleeves. To give it the necessary look, you can either sew a lace or a shuttlecover to its cuff, or fix it above the usual position. It is also worth decorating the shirt collar. For this, the same lace is good.

  • Vest.

You can sew it from an old jacket, cutting off sleeves and sewing large shiny metal buttons, as well as pockets.

You can sew it yourself or give an appropriate look to an old hat. For this, 3 fragments are cut to the size of the boy's head . Then they are glued on the hat. If the headdress has wide margins, then they can be fastened to the crown so that a triangle turns out. On the hat you can glue the image of "Jolly Roger", cut from paper.

  • Pants.

Here you can completely manage any pants of dark color, preferably without the "shooter".

  • Treads.

Two trapezios are cut from the piece of leatherette and each part is stitched along the side. Fix the resulting sockets on the boot top. Decorate shoes with large shiny buckles.

  • Belt.

In the movie, Jack Sparrow had a long white sash in a thin red strip. It can be made from a piece of fabric or a suitable long scarf.

  • Accessories.

First of all, you will need 2 or 3 leather straps, which you need to put on top of the scarf, and one more over your shoulder, like a sword belt.

In addition, Jack Sparrow, whose costume is easy to make on his own, adored all sorts of "trinkets". Therefore, it is worth pick up leather laces and baubles, as well as rings with skulls and small multicolored beads or a "necklace" of coins and keys.

You will also need a toy gun and a sword or a saber.

  • Wig.

If your son wants to look on the holiday exactly like Jack Sparrow, the costume will need to be supplemented with the most similar wig and make the appropriate make-up. For example, a very natural "hairstyle" is obtained if you use black kapron tights (4 pairs). They cut into pieces from side to side and stretched so that twisted laces-rings are made. Then they cut and get flagella. When the "strands" are ready, the base is made. To do this, use a wide rubber band in black and sew the crossbeams from one ear to the other, plus one transverse - from the forehead to the nape. Then fixed on the basis of a circle of flagella, with the top in several places pinned bandana.


Regardless of the costume, you will need to use a contour pencil to paint your eyes, beard and mustache on your Jack Sparrow. If there is a desire, use the purchased "vegetation" for the face. You can also tie your head with a black ribbon with sewn pigtails, such as on a wig, to make a beard, like a pirate.


Although the makeup will be enough, perhaps your son will want to wear a mask. To supplement her New Year costume Jack Sparrow, you need a printer. On it, print out the image of the pirate's face, cut out and paste on cardboard. In the upper part, the stapler is fastened with the same piece of cloth that went to the bandana. Cut holes for the eyes. Fix a mask on the mask, which will be hidden under the wig.


If you carefully watched the film, then remember that something was shining on the belt of the pirate. This detail of the suit was a compass. It can be made from any box, pasted it with foil.

Now you know how to make a Jack Sparrow costume for a boy, and you can dress up your rogue so that he becomes the star of a school or kindergarten New Year's carnival.

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