Senpolia flower growing, home care

Amazing beauty of the flowers of the city amaze with its tenderness and airiness, attracted by a variety of colors and shapes. Once these beautiful buds adorned only the paths of the Uzambar mountains, but thanks to the work of breeders, a new life of this flower began. And now the diversity of senpolia can not be counted. This and terry, and spotted varieties, tender-blue, touchingly white and bright red. All of them deserve special attention. Breeders were able to bring flowers both in miniature sizes, and giant. Today, you can count several hundred species of this plant, most of which can be seen at flower shows, where different kinds of senpolia always become the "queen of the feast."

Flowers senpolii belong to the family of plants gesnerievyh. Violets will be an excellent decoration of the house and bring a good mood and positive emotions. This extraordinary beauty flower will serve as an exquisite gift to any occasion, especially if a person is fond of planting a plant of senpolia, care at home is easy.

Uzambara violet is a quite unpretentious plant, but nevertheless it is necessary to observe the rules of caring for it. To grow a flower of a senpolia under force even to a beginning floriculturist. In nature, it grows in a mountainous area, where stones protect it from winds and drafts. For a home-grown senpolia, the normal room temperature will be the most optimal option, the main thing is not to allow sharp changes.

What is the special care for senpolia? First of all, the flower should receive a sufficient amount of light, but in no case be exposed to direct sunlight, otherwise the leaves will begin to burn and fall off. It will also be important to choose the correct container for planting. Too large pots will ensure the growth of the bush, but will not give the desired abundant flowering. Ideal for the flower senpolia home care also includes a properly selected primer for planting: it must contain a special composition, otherwise the plant will begin to ache. The earth mixture for the Umbara violets must necessarily be light and air-permeable and contain components such as peat and sphagnum moss.

For the abundant flowering of the flower senpolia, care at home must necessarily include additional fertilization in the form of various organic additives. The presence of drainage at the bottom of the pot can prevent rotting of the root system of the plant.

Strong moisturizing will destroy the flower, but dry air does not like violets, it should be moistened with a spray. By spraying the plant is not very good, the best option is to once a week to arrange for him a shower. The flower of St. Petersburg is prone to disease, so home care should always include regular inspection of the leaves of plants. The appearance of spots on them can be caused by various causes, often it is powdery mildew.

Yes, senpolia, care at home for which sometimes complicated, does not take root at all. However, if you carefully monitor the plant and observe all the necessary rules, it will very long please the owners with rare beauty and grace.

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