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How to draw graffiti "VKontakte": secrets of skill

Today it is difficult to imagine communication on the Internet without colorful visual accompaniment. That's why, when the social network "VKontakte" gave its users the opportunity to create any illustrations directly in the browser window with their subsequent sending to their friends, users embraced the stormy joy. In this article we will talk about how to draw graffiti "In contact". So, the first part of the article will be devoted to those who have good drawing skills.

If you are already familiar with such software products as Photoshop, Paint and the like, then you will immediately realize that the creators of "VKontakte" offered the most cut their version. As a tool, you only have "line thickness", "palette" and "intensity". With such a modest choice to give a friend will be able to just a simple picture. However, if you are engaged in drawing, then, most likely, you have a special tablet at home, with which you can throw off a full graffiti "VKontakte" on the wall of a friend. Be sure - with the use of a tablet you can realize a masterpiece.

But how to draw graffiti "VKontakte" to those who do not have a tablet at hand, or those who do not have the ability to draw? In this case, you have the opportunity to use special online services to increase the standard set of tools. You can also simply use the programs from the outside.

Slowly, but surely we got to the most common method of drawing graffiti. This method is used by most users. It's simple: it turns out that in the place where you draw a picture, you can arrange absolutely any image, and it will also be called "graffiti." Let's say you decided to draw something to your friend, and the question immediately arises: "How to draw graffiti" VKontakte "?" The answer is simple - you need to download a special program that allows you to download any picture as graffiti. Then you look for the image you need, load it into the program, go to the friend page and click the "send" button. That's all. Despite the fact that you yourself did not draw anything, on the wall of the friend now flaunts a smart image.

There are a lot of such programs on the Internet today, but let's touch the three most popular options, after downloading which, you will never again ask: "How to draw graffiti" VKontakte "?"

So, the name of the first program is Swall. The principle of operation is simple: first you need to authorize, then select the finished image and, if necessary, add a signature. Everything, you can safely place the image on the right page!

The next program is VKPaint. It is a great multifunctional product, opening up wide opportunities for you.

Well, the last one is VKpicture. It is devoid of unnecessary elements. It is enough to take any picture from the computer, change the size, and everything - you can send to the wall.

This concludes all secrets. Now you know how to draw graphite colorfully and quickly. Good luck!

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