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Flowing water heater "Atmor". Water heater "Atmor": instructions, reviews

Regardless of whether there is a shutdown of hot water on schedule or without it, it's always not on time. In order to eliminate discomfort and provide the family with hot water, it is worth considering the purchase of a water heater.

How to make a choice

On the market of modern goods, you can find both flowing and storage models. The first variety, in turn, is divided into non-pressure and pressure. Non-pressure variants differ in pressure, which corresponds to atmospheric pressure. They are simple and convenient to install, the apparatus is connected to a cold water pipe, and an increase in power indicates that the device is able to heat a certain volume of water in a minute. If you are interested in the manufacturer "Atmor", the water heater of this company you can find in any store of the corresponding goods. The described equipment is capable of heating 1 liter of water by spending a certain amount of electricity.

Reviews about capacity

If you are considering the company "Atmore", the water heater of this company can meet all the needs of the family in hot water. However, you must take into account that each model has a certain power. In order not to overpay and not become the owner of a model that will not be able to issue the required amount of water, you need to choose the option that is recommended by the manufacturer. The most widespread in the market, according to consumers, are water heaters, the power of which varies from 3 to 8 kilowatts. However, on the market you can find models that have more impressive power. This is due to the fact that in most high-rise buildings, today the wiring system is obsolete and does not pull more than 8 kilowatts. If we are talking about more powerful devices, then they can be installed in new buildings or those houses where there are electric stoves with a voltage of 380 V. You can prefer a model that is made of a certain material, each has its own characteristics. Among other things, a heating element made of quartz, stainless steel or copper can be installed inside. Consumers advise to pay attention to the method of installation of the element, which can be placed in water or a special flask.

Models of models

Quite often consumers today choose the goods of the brand "Atmor", the water heater of this manufacturer is of high quality and long service life. If you are concerned about the interior of the room, then you should pay attention to the design of the model, it must match the color solutions. If you intend to connect the device to two water intake points, you should purchase an option that is provided for connecting not only to the tap, but also to the soul. But the installation conditions can be very different, here you can include not only private apartments, but also country houses, cottages, holiday cottages, small businesses such as STO.

Expert Reviews

If you still have not decided which water heater "Atmor" is selected for, the feedback about which is presented in the article, you can use the advice of specialists. They recommend, for the correct choice of the model, to determine with what intensity you intend to use the equipment. To get hot water when solving domestic needs by the type of cleaning or dishwashing, it will be enough to purchase a water heater, the power of which varies from 3 to 3.5 kilowatts. Such an aggregate will be able to produce instantaneously up to 3 liters of water, which heats up to 50 degrees per minute. With regard to the need for a shower, the capacity of the unit can be increased, as well as productivity.

Customer feedback on the main technical characteristics

Water heaters "Atmor", the price of which can be equal to 2.5 thousand rubles, have certain technical characteristics, the latter are common for all models. Consumers like the presence of a pressure switch, which provides protection against pressure drops. You can expect that the model will be equipped with protection against overheating. According to users, the heaters can function under a certain operating pressure range, which varies from 0.25 to 6 bar. Heating water is carried out to 57 degrees, this is the maximum value, after which the heating element automatically switches off. If you preferred the company "Atmor", the water heater of this company will use conveniently. According to users, this is due to the presence of a display, where you can see the temperature values of the coolant. When operating the equipment, you can adjust the head and use clean water, which is provided by the presence of filters. During the connection to the water intake points, you can use a set of accessories that goes along with the equipment.

Reviews about the features of management

If you like the manufacturer "Atmor", a flow-through water heater of this company you can buy at the point of sale of the corresponding goods at an affordable price. However, you must remember that each model has its own technical features. Buyers are advised to pay attention to those who are only planning to visit the store, for the presence of heating elements, which in the device can be two or one. The performance of the model can vary from 2.7 to 4.5 liters per minute. In the opinion of experienced users, this parameter is very important in the operation of the device. The company "Atmore", a storage water heater offers to buy the Russian consumer. You should pay attention also to the control method, which can be mechanical or hydraulic. Some versions of water heaters have variable power, the user can switch between the three modes. Very convenient, according to buyers, the options provided with indicators, they will notify you about the selected mode. If you choose a water heater with two elements to change the temperature, the heating power can be used partially or completely.

Visiting the store, you can choose the company "Atmor", the flowing water heater of this manufacturer is supplied with the marking, if it assumes the presence of the letter T, then you have in front of you an assembly, the heater of which is made of quartz. This indicates a longer service life of the device. The cost of such equipment can be equal to 3000 rubles.

User's manual

Choosing the equipment described in the article, you will become the owner of a device that, as a rule, has small dimensions. Choosing a device, whose power is 3 kilowatts, you will become the owner of equipment that will be able to provide you with hot water. The device has a modern design that can be inscribed in any interior. The power cord passes behind the device, the screen is located on the side, which positively affects the appearance. With the help of the indicator you can monitor the water temperature, and the adjustment of the water flow rate and temperature will be provided by the sanitary equipment to which the equipment is connected.

Water heater "Atmor", the instruction for use of which is presented in the kit of the device, should be equipped with special filters, which is true if the house is excessively hard water. Otherwise, the device will quickly fail. Do not install the unit in a house where the temperature falls below the zero mark. If the device is to be installed in the bathroom, the appliance must be protected from water.


Repair of the water heater "Atmor" is not needed, if you use it according to all the rules. If the pressure is weak enough, you should not put out the heat, otherwise the device will not turn on at all.

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