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A sexist is ... A scientist in a shirt that the feminists did not like?

Feminism, like any socio-political movement, has changed over time. And unfortunately, not for the better. Modern feminists began to forget that their ideology initially had a much more liberal character. Now, accusations of misogyny and sexism are often made without foundation. For example, some feminists believe that their feelings can offend ... a shirt. A sexist is the guy who dared to wear it. Well, it's all a bit strange. But let's look at everything in order.

The true meaning of the word "sexist"

Sexism is a prejudiced attitude towards members of a certain gender, often accompanied by gender discrimination. Accordingly, a sexist is a person who practices such discrimination or shares the opinion that the representatives of the same sex have superiority over the representatives of the other.

Sexism is most often expressed in relation to girls or women. Historically, it has been manifested in depriving some civil rights in some cultures of women , the emergence of gender stereotypes.

With this, everything is clear. But what kind of scientist was discussed at the very beginning of this article?

About the scientist in more detail

One American scientist was interested in the origin of life on Earth. He worked long and hard with his team, and in the end he managed to land a research module on the surface of the comet. This scientist spoke about his success at a press conference, but no one listened to him. Everyone looked at his shirt.

It is now about the head of the research mission "Rosetta". His name is Matt Taylor.

Looks like a sexy shirt

Why on the memorable conference such close attention was paid to the shirt? What is special about it? It was an ordinary motley Hawaiian shirt with a bright pattern. And this picture, to admit, was really bright - sexy girls in lingerie and latex suits.

And then, at this very press conference, the correspondent of The Atlantic, Rose Evelet, did not listen to Matt's revelation about the scientific breakthrough he had made, and asked: "What is it on it?" And then feminists from the world of science, journalists and housewives, sitting in front of their TVs, made an unambiguous conclusion: Matt Taylor - a sexist scientist.

What is the end of this scandal?

And all ended with the fact that at the next press conference, accused of sexism, Matt Taylor apologized to feminists from the scientific community and all women in general. "I'm very, very sorry. I have offended many people and now I ask for forgiveness for this, "the scientist said. At the same time he was very sincere and barely restrained his tears.

Feminists eventually calmed down, and all similar Hawaiian shirts were bought by those who in this moral dispute were on the side of Matt Taylor.

And who is right here?

In fact, probably no one. Shirt scientist can even be regarded as his small personal contribution to domestic sexism. Yet it really was a vivid confirmation of the fact that beautiful and sexy women like men, that it is these young ladies that some of them try to surround themselves with in life. But in fact to put sexuality above all other advantages of a woman is still not quite right.

Well, on the other hand, a sexist is not any man who likes a beautiful female body. Normally, it should attract all healthy men, this is natural.

Someone will say that at such a responsible event as a press conference, it would be possible to put on a dress suit. This remark is also true, but let's not forget that Matt Taylor is a talented man, and eccentricity is peculiar to talented people. In addition, he has a lot of quality colored tattoos, it already says a lot about the style and worldview of the scientist. And in the end, Matt Taylor really did a lot. Did he have the right to look the way he wants?

A man worked for ten years to put a research module on the comet. He did it, and it really opens up new horizons for scientists. So why at a time when you can enjoy important scientific discoveries, many feminist followers scream that the shirt of a scientist offends their feelings? Maybe these women are too early to call mature, established personalities?

In this situation, it is hardly correct to say that the sexist is Matt Taylor. Or maybe the feminists attacked him just because he was a man?

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