Long skirts of chiffon, or How to make a gait flying

Long skirts are feminine, stylish and elegant. Despite the fact that many are fiercely opposed to this type of clothing, most girls do not mind buying a flying skirt in the floor.

For sewing models different fabrics are used. Dense skirts can be worn in the cold during the day. In summer, long skirts of chiffon are popular. This material allows the skin to breathe, gives silhouette lightness, and the image as a whole - ease and femininity.

How to choose the right chiffon skirt?

The choice of the model should be approached with all seriousness. Do not forget that the skirt of chiffon can be transparent. This fabric is very thin and light, and if the skirt is sewn from one layer, then it will certainly "shine". Therefore, pay attention to the presence of an underlay or several layers of chiffon itself. The lining of a long skirt should not be too narrow. He must repeat the silhouette and at the same time be shorter than the product itself. However, this season, the fashion included transparent skirts with a tight short povyubnikom.

Also popular are light skirts with a wide belt. But such models should be approached with great care. Belt should not weigh down, should not draw attention to itself. Therefore, it is better to avoid wide, coarse, elastic bands of contrasting color. It is better that he was in the tone of a skirt, with a beautiful, light buckle, made of fine material.


1. A skirt on a coquette is perhaps the most common variant. The cut can be different. Most often this skirt has a straight silhouette.

2. The skirt is a half-cake. This cut creates a unique beautiful line from the hip to the ankle. The skirt elegantly rests on the foot at every step. Especially interesting looks pleated. In combination with high-heeled shoes, a very effective image is obtained.

3. Skirt with a short front. This style looks very playful. A beautiful skirt looks when you walk and blow the wind.

With what to wear a skirt of chiffon?

Stylists do not limit the flight of fantasy of the beautiful half of humanity. They offer to experiment and choose summer long skirts from chiffon that you will like. Such products look stylish with jackets (preferably shortened). With colored skirts it is better to combine a calm monophonic top. It can be a feminine top without straps or with sleeves-lanterns. Long skirts of chiffon do not fit well with chiffon blouses: an excess of "airiness" harms the figure and "kills" the overall impression.

So, if you want to look stylish and feminine, you need a long skirt to the floor. Chiffon this season is in high demand. Dresses, blouses, skirts - all in active running. Do not forget about the right shoes. Chiffon - the material is very light, so shoes should not weigh down. It's better that they are sandals with thin straps. Under summer long skirts of chiffon sandals will fit well. It is desirable that they have a very thin sole and narrow straps (possibly decorated with stones or rhinestones). In order to make the image complete and complete, you need to properly style your hair. Long skirts of chiffon perfectly combined with feminine hairstyles. It can be a tail, a braid, loose hair, decorated with beautiful ribbons, flowers, not too massive hairpins.

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