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Do you know which zodiac sign in September celebrates its birthday?

Before answering the question about which zodiac sign in September patronizes people born this month, it is worth remembering that astrology is one of the oldest sciences known to modern people. Eastern writings claim that astrology originated simultaneously with the appearance of man on Earth. Today, astrological knowledge has become even richer and continues to be replenished with new techniques and techniques that turn this science into a powerful forecasting tool.

Most of us somehow already had to deal with the traditional characteristics of their sun signs. Let's pay special attention today to those who were born in September. Do you know which zodiac sign in September is just beginning its journey through the sky, and which one is already giving up its positions?

On August 21 the zodiacal sign of Virgo comes into force, which, within seven days after the onset of this period, keeps the impact of the sign facing it decreasing each day. This means that in its full power it enters only by August 28. From this day until September 20 the sign of the Virgin remains at the peak of its power, after which again, within a week, gradually loses its power, yielding to the growing influence of the sign of Libra.

General characteristics of people born on September 2

Which sign of the zodiac can boast of such an incredible collection of positive qualities as the wise Virgo has? In mythology Virgo is most often represented as a goddess - not only of fertility, but of love and beauty. According to the Slavic horoscope, people whose birthday falls on September 2 are friendly and accommodating, they can easily smooth out conflicts, have an amazingly mild sense of humor, they are very easy to work with. In the future, they look concerned, conservative, distrustful of people.

Celebrities born on September 2: Evgeny Leonov, Lennox Lewis, Salma Hayek, Keanu Reeves.

General characteristics of people born on September 9

Which Zodiac sign, like no other, has such incredible diligence, practicality and thoroughness? That's right, it's Virgo. Being an earthly sign, she is modest, able to be content with the small, always hospitable, has a sense of proportion and a huge amount of patience. She is not only the "salt of the earth", but also a wonderful friend, sensitive to someone else's trouble.

Celebrities born on September 9: Leo Tolstoy, Michelle Williams, Nadezhda Rumyantseva, Hugh Grant, Nadezhda Allilueva, Boris Zakhoder.

In general, the life of people born in the period from August 21 to September 20, is happening happily. Knowing which sign of the zodiac in September patronizes you or your loved ones, you can safely take on the most fascinating and incredible plans and implement them. After all, it is the Virgin that can bring to completion even those projects, which others refuse for various reasons.

Anyone who does not believe in horoscopes, but now knows which sign of the zodiac in September comes into his own, can no doubt try his hand at various directions of human activity, because at the expense of his willpower and perseverance, the Virgin in any case will everywhere achieve great Successes.

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