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Unusual and mysterious meaning of the name Vladislav

The meaning of the name Vladislav in translation from the Old Slavonic - "owning the glory." This name comes from two Slavic words: "Vlad" and "Slav," which means "to own" and "glory." If the boy's christening takes place on October 7, on the old - September twenty-fourth, the church name is given to Vladislav. In the fifteenth century there lived a man with that name - he suffered for the Orthodox faith. Later he was canonized. Since that time Vladislav's name-day has been celebrated on the seventh of October or the twenty-fourth of September. Knowing the significance of the name Vladislav, you can immediately say a lot about this man. A man with this name seeks fame and will do everything possible to achieve the goal.

Often people with the name of Vladislav experience an incomprehensible craving for the fire element. If it's a child, then he can not do without matches. If it's a teenager - to indulge in petards for him will be the best fun. The company went on a sortie? Kindling the fire will necessarily Vladislav.

Boys with this name are very amorous, besides they fall in love only with the most beautiful girl in the class, then at the institute, then at work. The argument for love will primarily be the external attractiveness of the fair sex. Here the meaning of the name Vladislav also played an important role. This man will do everything possible to win the heart of a woman who will conquer him with her beauty and intelligence.

Rarely, what kind of person with a different name can compare with Vladislav in his love and affection for his mother. For her, he is ready for much. Vladislav appreciates her care, will not allow anyone to offend her closest person - mother.

The matured possessor of this name is a responsible, decent, hardworking person. Often people with this name become famous artists, musicians, teachers or doctors, not for nothing is the meaning of the name Vladislav - "glory" and "own." In the family life, Vladislav remains faithful to his wife. He does not like drinking, does not like to go to parties, preferring to spend his free time at home, readily participates in all business matters.

If Vladislav has a daughter and son, then he will show more love to his daughter. Vladislav does not tolerate women who smoke and drink alcohol.

For all, it will be interesting to know that the origin of the name Vladislav is Old Slavic. Believing that there is a close connection between the name and its owner, the ancient Slavs used a double name of naming. The real name was then known only to close people, and to communicate with everyone else used the name false.

So, the characterization of the name Vladislav is quite interesting. The zodiacal constellation of this name is Virgo, the planet is Mercury. Talisman for Vladislav is topaz. A happy day is Wednesday, and the time of year is summer. The main features of a person with this name are pride and responsibility.

Vladislav can be completely different in people and in the family. Marriage with Galina and Irina, and also with Love and Marina will be happy. Excellent companions in life will be for him, Olga and Tamara, Julia. From such a name it turns out a very sonorous and beautiful patronymic - Vladislavovich or Vladislavovna, also such variants as Vladislavich or Vladislavna are possible.

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