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Creation of Sites in Stavropol. Peculiarities of choosing a Regional Contractor

So, how to choose the right service provider for creating a site in Stavropol? I will try to describe the features of the choice and the typical mistakes that customers allow.

First Disassemble All In Themselves

Before you start looking for an artist, it's best to figure out what you're going to order yourself. As they say, "Who is warned, he is armed." In order to at least minimally understand the creation of the site at present, it is not necessary to learn HTML and CSS and other programming languages. It is enough to understand the very principle of creating websites.

Stages of Site Creation:

  1. The concept of the site (this is the idea of your site). Do not expect that someone will help you 100% in the implementation of your concept. Before looking for a performer, you better decide on the concept of the site
  2. Design and structure (same as 1 point). It is clear that the designer will draw himself or make up a design from pieces of pictures taken in Yandex pictures, BUT you should correctly show him what you want, or what you like at the moment for competitors. You better structure yourself on a piece of paper. Let the performers better help you think out what will make up the design and structure completely from scratch.
  3. Implementation of complex modules. This stage is very important, listen to programmers. You can only say that you want it to be on the way out, but you can not tell the specialist how to implement it.
  4. Filling content. Hire the site editor on an ongoing basis. Over time, he and SEO highlight (search engine promotion) and contextual advertising. For all of course you will need to pay extra.
  5. Project support. Do not give up the technical support of the artist, even if it is paid. Only the performer will know for 100% how your website is implemented from the inside and any specialist taken in the staff will spend a very long time understanding other's code, and you will lose your money and time.

These are the main stages of creating a website with which you'd better at least superficially get acquainted and look for additional information on each item on the Internet.

Now let's talk about the peculiarities of creating websites in Stavropol and what should be taken into account when searching for an artist.

3 Peculiarities of the Contractor's Search in Stavropol:

  1. Ask your friends in Stavropol. Learn about whom you basically say
  2. Do not trust the advertising and discounts that you see on the streets of Stavropol. As a rule, the more advertising in Stavropol, the more expensive will be the creation of sites in Stavropol, as the budget for advertising is laid in the cost of the service. Therefore, if you see a lot of advertising with appeals "cheap", etc., then think about the consistency and truthfulness of such advertising.
  3. It is not necessary to address the industry leaders, since, the more the staff of the executor, the more customers they have and the less attention is paid to your site. Of course, if you are running out of time, then contact the best company. But if there is time left, then contact a small company, they will give you due attention and it will cost you much cheaper.

2 Typical Mistakes in Creating Sites in Stavropol

  1. The choice of the most expensive performer. As a rule, they mostly choose an expensive performer or large companies for whom an image is important, so if you need a result, rather than prestige, then this is a mistake.
  2. Choosing the cheapest performer. If you have a small budget, this does not mean that you need to look for the cheapest bidder. You can turn to an average company and ask to keep within your modest budget. They rarely refuse to budgetary customers, but it will be much better than addressing students.

In general, the creation of sites in Stavropol at the moment begins to gain momentum and the performers are becoming more and more. But those who make sites poorly fall away automatically. Therefore, if you find an artist who has a website in your portfolio that you like, then of course contact him. But do not rush. First, think it over well. And it will not be superfluous to consult your spouse or eldest son ...

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