Alta-profile siding: description, mounting method

Exterior decoration can give a house, built even from the cheapest materials, a presentable and solid appearance. Very often for the facade cladding of buildings in our time, vinyl siding is used. There are many varieties and brands of this material. One of the most popular is the siding "Alta-profile", produced by the Canadian company of the same name.

general description

In the Russian market this material has existed for a long time and is familiar to many owners of country houses. Since 1999, the manufacturer decided to give it another name. At the moment in our country he is known as "Alta Siding." This material is made of PVC resin and additives using co-extrusion technology. His popularity he earned not only for the spectacular appearance and excellent quality, but also at a very reasonable cost.

Siding panels "Alta-profile" consist of two layers: the inner and the face. Each of them is made by a certain technique. The face layer in this case is characterized by improved color fastness, and the back layer - frost resistance and impact resistance.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of the "Alta-Siding" material, which are very good reviews, include:

  • Non-toxic and non-flammable.

  • Resistance to ultraviolet light. The panels "Alta-Siding" do not burn out in the sun.

  • Durability. This finishing material does not exfoliate and does not rot. It can last more than 50 years. The same manufacturers give a guarantee in 30 years.

  • A wide range of colors and a variety of textures. The assortment of the company "Alta-profile" includes panels of 20 different shades.

  • Light weight. Thanks to this, it is very easy to install the Alta-profile siding.

  • Low cost. This material despite the spectacular design, quite cheap - "Alta Siding." The price for one panel of this manufacturer can fluctuate within 300-450 rubles.

When choosing a material, it should be taken into account that wide panels are less rigid than narrow ones. However, both are actually very strong and perfectly resist all sorts of mechanical influences.


The opinion of Russian consumers about such material as siding "Alta-Profile", there was very good. Many owners of countryside houses have been covered with this material for more than 8-10 years. Judging by their feedback, the finish has not lost its appeal, nor does it require repair or replacement.

Some owners of houses believe that in the market you can find siding and cheaper. However, since the finish of this brand is certified, in its quality at the purchase can be sure. In addition, these panels are actually very beautiful. For a low price of the panel, an unknown manufacturer has a risk of acquiring poor-quality material, which will look messy, and even fade after a few years.

How to choose a material

All the siding "Alta-profile" sold today on the domestic market is of good quality. Therefore, when choosing it, you should first pay attention to the design and colors. Company "Alta-profile" produces several lines of this material: brick, granite, bassoon, facade tile, rock and rubble stone.

If you want to finish the same house, you can use different types of material such as siding "Alta-profile". This allows you to make the facade of the building original and unique. To distinguish materials in this case, usually used special platbands of the same manufacturer.

Of course, when choosing a design, you should first of all focus on the architecture of the building. Also it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of style design located in the immediate vicinity of buildings. And, of course, when selecting panels, you should be guided by your own idea of what a country house should look like.

For which houses can I use

This siding is called socle. Its panels usually have small dimensions. However, since they differ very original and beautiful design, they are almost always used for finishing not only the socle, but also the walls. Sewing "Alta-profile" with siding can be a building erected absolutely from any material. Excellent this type of facade finishing is suitable for the design of concrete, brick, frame and even chopped or paved structures.

The socle siding "Alta" is usually installed on a metal profile. Wooden beams manufacturer does not recommend using. The bar is able to absorb moisture, swell and crack. In addition, it is not too durable. Therefore, the panel on such a frame after a while can lead. And, even if this does not happen, of course, the siding will not last for 50 years on a wooden support .

How to mount

The siding "Alta-profile" is installed as follows:

  • The surface of the wall is cleaned of various kinds of contaminants.

  • Mounted metal frame. Reiki should be installed at a distance of 25 cm from each other. Between them, you can fix the plates insulation.

  • Installation of the skin itself begins with the installation of decorative window and door strips.

  • Then set up slopes.

  • Before mounting the panels on the bottom of the walls along the entire perimeter of the building an initial support bar is mounted. When installing it, you should use the building level.

  • Angled elements are mounted.

  • The siding panels are installed. Gather the lining, moving from left to right. First they cover one wall, then the next, and so on.

Mount panels in the cold season is possible. However, this is still undesirable. The panels "Alta-profile" in the cold can be slightly compressed. Their mounting is in staggered order.

As you can see, this material is actually very beautiful, easy to install and at the same time inexpensive - "Alta Siding". The price for it is low, it can serve as a faith and truth for many years.

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