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Naturally, each person wants to look stylish, attractive and respectable. For this, not only fashionably dress, but also watch their physical shape, skin condition, hairdo, apply expensive colognes and stuff. But, perhaps, the very first thing that they notice when talking is the person's teeth and his eyes. Undoubtedly, snow-white teeth will add a considerable plus to your image. A glittering smile in many people is associated with a high social position and considerable incomes. But not everyone, unfortunately, can show their teeth without embarrassment. Perhaps, their color is not white by nature. But in this case, modern methods can help.

Such methods can be divided into professional and domestic ones. The first group includes some bleaching systems and special toothpastes. The latter do well to remove plaque. However, it is better not to use these remedies too often to save tooth enamel from gradual erasure. In addition, they are useless in the event that there is no raid. Let's say that the natural color of your teeth does not resemble pure white. Then no pasta will help. Home whitening systems can be quite effective, but they need to be used for a long time, usually several months, to get the desired effect. The reason for this is that the concentration of active substances in such drugs is low. Of course, if you raise it, your teeth will be able to whiten much faster. However, this will affect the tissues of the oral cavity, in particular, the gums.

Consider another approach to solving the problem - professional teeth whitening. He is being held by a dentist in his office. In this case, the tissues surrounding the teeth are carefully insulated to avoid harming them. One such method is photobleaching. The specified technique allows to clarify enamel on 8-12 tones only for one visit. The effect will depend on the condition of the patient's teeth. Thus, if they were colored as a result of taking antibiotics in childhood, then bleaching will occur much more slowly. But if the patient - an amateur drink coffee, then clean the enamel will be much easier.


Continuing the conversation about professional methods, we can not say about the Zoom system. Whitening of teeth on it occurs as follows: isolation of soft tissues, treatment of enamel with preparations containing fluoride and calcium. These substances, penetrating into bone tissue, protect it from the occurrence of excessive sensitivity. On the Zoom system, whitening occurs by applying a proprietary gel, which begins to act at certain light waves. It includes substances such as light-activated catalyst and hydrogen peroxide. A special stationary lamp is then turned on. In this case, both upper and lower teeth are illuminated simultaneously. The speed of the operation is the main feature of Zoom. Whitening lasts only one hour. During this time, the patient has the opportunity to relax, watch TV or just take a nap. Compared with home remedies, where a greater effect gives Zoom. Bleaching takes place in a safe mode and in a short time. The main process lasts for forty-five minutes. The structure of the teeth during this time does not change under the influence of Zoom. Whitening affects only the surface of the enamel. The meaning of the procedure is to activate oxygen masses (under the influence of ultraviolet) and their effect on the dental tissue. After this, the dentist usually recommends the use of special kappa for a certain time. The result is stable, lasts for several years. If you are a person who is used to saving time and counting on a quick result, then the best choice for you is teeth whitening Zoom. Feedback from people who used this method can only confirm this statement.

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