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Today we will test three products of Thierry Mugler's house called Alien: perfumes (or rather, perfumed water) "Alen" and two of his younger brothers - "O Ekstraordiner" and "Sunessens". It can not be said that they are all twins. Rodnit their shape of the bottle, reminiscent of either a precious faceted stone, or a spaceship aliens. Therefore, users call all these three kinds of "Alen" aliens. The composition of the fragrances is completely different. They are related only amber base. And they are created, according to users, for different target audiences. Some aromas are good in the warm season. Others fully open only in winter and late autumn. Some users believe that aliens "Alen" choose their own mistress. Some of them envelop a warm rug of ambergris. Others are pricked in the nose with cold jasmine. But what the opinions converge on, is that "Allen" is an unusually persistent perfume. So, we begin our review with the "older brother" two thousand and six years of release.

"Alien" by Thierry Mugler

Over the aroma, Dominic Ropion and Lauren Bruje worked. The first perfumer is a man with a name. And with the name of the world. He became famous for such his creations as "Jungle" for "Kenzo", "Euphoria" for Kelvin Klein and the famous, conquered the whole world "Pur Poyson" for "Christian Dior." The fragrance turned out magical. But if you read the composition, then there is disappointment. Only three notes in the pyramid! At first, Sambak jasmine sounds. Then the floral smell gives way to the woody - kashmerana. Well, in the train, white ambergris plays for a long time. But do not be afraid of a simple composition! Alien - perfume is actually complicated. Three notes sound, not calming, building up more and more new chords. As the reviews say, this amethyst "alien" was created not for girls. These oriental spirits are mystical, mysterious, infinitely feminine. They wrap their mistress in a soothing and soothing aura.

Perfume "Thierry Mugler Alien Sunessence"

In the two thousand and ninth year the same perfumers decided to enrich the composition of the classic "Alena". As an overture, green notes and a fresh amalfitan lemon sound. The first part is devoted to the same fragrant jasmine. In the heart of the fragrance, a warm kashmera tree plays with all its numerous facets. As a podpushka precious cloak amber - this time, accompanied by sweet vanilla. The very bottle of this "newcomer" - yellow, cheerful, brings nostalgia for summer sunny days. This, they say, is rather a daytime fragrance, whereas the classic amethyst "Alen" is intended for an evening outing. And of course, his time is late spring and summer. Thanks to sparkling lemon notes, this fragrance will suit young girls. The sweetness of vanilla in the base sounds like melted honey, which is liked by more mature ladies.

Amber gold

Two years later, Thierry Mugler's perfume house, through the efforts of Dominique Ropion, released a limited collection of solar Alien. The spirits in the pink crystal are called "Or d'Ambre," and this clearly indicates which component the accent is shifted to. The manufacturer assures that the fragrance refers to the oriental, woody. In the first chords of this younger brother, "Sanessens" sounds instead of lemon kiwi. In the heart of the fragrance is fragrant jasmine. But, unlike the classic "Alena", this flower is not alone. Its beautifully framed fragrances of a delicate orchid and sweet vanilla. In the database, as expected, amber sounds powerful. It is shaded woody notes of cashmere. Users say that all shades in the fragrance are perfectly balanced. The sharpness of jasmine is softened by an orchid, and the sourness of vanilla is neutralized by sour kiwi. It is a fragrance beyond the age. More suitable for cold skin. It's good to take it out in the summer. But not bad sitting on the furs.

Perfume Alien Eau Extraordinaire

This toilet water appeared relatively recently, in two thousand fourteenth year. The manufacturer assures that the liquid that fills the beige transparent bottle of the "newcomer" is the quintessence of sunlight. The name of the perfume really justifies itself - it is an extraordinary and unusual eau de toilette. She is completely different from her older brothers. On the edge of the composition deftly balancing Tunisian neroli, white tea, lemon, lime, orange and bergamot. The heart of the fragrance is opened by a gentle and fragrant tiara flower. It is framed by the oriental smells of ylang-ylang with light peppercorn. Soften the sweetness of the East orange blossom and heliotrope. And in the long train of spirits vibrant sensual, exciting, warm ambergris. But this time it accompanies not one kashmeran. Wood notes give sandalwood, polished with vanilla and white musk. It is the fragrance of real women - sensual, sexual.


A lot of reviews are devoted to the original bottles of the Alien collection. Perfume, whose photos look like luxurious crystals, are very attractive, the manufacturer decided, and released amethyst, topaz, pink crystal, chalcedony. But modern users, having seen enough films about extraterrestrial civilizations, have christened all series "Alen" by newcomers. This is to distinguish them from the "Angel" and "Comet", released by the perfume house Thierry Mugler. Note that the bottles differ not only in form. For different capacities they are presented in different hypostases. The bottle of eau de toilette "About Extraviolet" (sixty milliliters) has more rounded edges than its predecessors. The classical violet crystal is represented in three hypostases: fifteen, thirty and sixty milliliters. A miniature bottle resembles a precious stone that fell out of the ring. Such a baby is nice to wear in a cosmetic bag. But other crystals look chic on the dressing table.


Classic spirits Thierry Mugler Alien forced to move to a fragrant garden, at a time when jasmine blooms. It just rained, and the smells of wet benches, wet foliage and cherry trees, which exude a stiff amber gum, are mixed with the fragrance of the bushes. The smell of jasmine in an amethyst crystal is not sharp at all, beating in the nose with harsh tones. It sounds like from afar, unobtrusively, but still audible. Solar "Allen" seems to be charged with energy and vivacity. They conjure associations about the fresh summer morning, when the day promises to be cloudless and full of great achievements. "Extraordinary" toilet water is really oriental. It forces you to remember such exotic countries as Thailand or Vietnam, to imagine delicate, like orchids, flexible oriental girls. This last offspring of the collection "Allen" is exciting. And although "O Ekstaordiner" is presented only in the form of toilet water, the composition is like that of real spirits.


How long does Alien last? Perfume (reviews in this matter are absolutely solid) are very persistent. Owners of miniature violet flakonchiki assure that in a year they used only a quarter of the liquid from the crystal. What makes us happy is the very economical atomizer. He gives out at once just as many spirits as necessary to smell all day, from morning till night. If the trail of this fragrance was material, he would be carried by the hostess twelve pages. And this applies not only to the perfumed water. The toilet is not inferior in strength to its more titled sisters. The reviews point out that all the flavors are revealed in different ways on different types of skin. On cold natures, jasmine sounds crystal, like a rain-washed flower. And on warm skin it opens with vanilla sweetness, in endless overflows of woody hues and ambergris.

Price list

The French collection of the house "Thierry Mugler" can not be called budgetary. Even the toilet water "About Ekstaordinar" costs - depending on the store - about five thousand rubles. Not to mention the purple Alien (perfume). Rive Gauche asks for a miniature flacon for fifteen milliliters, two thousand two hundred rubles. The average capacity is already four thousand. A 60-ml bottle is estimated at almost six thousand rubles. And this is not the limit. In other stores there are higher prices for Alien (perfume). In "Letual", for example, they cost more than nine thousand rubles. However, in this store often discounts are announced. And, thus, you can buy a coveted bottle of perfumed water for one thousand two hundred and fifty-six rubles.

Reviews about the "aliens" Thierry Mugler

Users mostly appreciated the Alien collection. Spirits liked even those women who do not like and are careful of sweet aromas. Many were surprised at how multifaceted jasmine can sound. In the violet crystal there are not so many ingredients, but the perfume is so refined, so it shimmers in a variety of tiny nuances that it seems that they have collected a whole collection of floral and woody smells. Some users have noticed that, depending on the owner, "Allen" can sound differently. The combination of cold notes of jasmine and warm ambergris gives an inexpressible sense of harmony. According to users, "Alen" perfume does not have a certain age group. Is that purple "stranger" would be more appropriate to look at the ladies after thirty. From the entire collection of "Allen" this fragrance is good for the evening. Very many liked both versions of the "Sunessens". They harmoniously blend fruit, floral, deciduous and woody notes.

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