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DayZ Standalone: how to optimize the game?

Computer games are one of the most popular entertainments to date. However, the requirements for them are constantly growing, as this area is progressing at an incredible rate. The quality of processors is very fast, the amount of RAM and the performance of video cards are increasing, so that developers are creating more and more impressive projects. Users may well not keep up with this progress - every six months to change or improve your computer will be very expensive. That's why you need to be able to optimize games so that they run on weaker computers.

Naturally, everything will have to be paid for, and the image quality can become much worse, but it's better than not playing at all. So now it is worth considering one of the most popular computer games of our time - DayZ Standalone. How to optimize this project so that it runs not only on the most powerful computers, but also on weaker machines?

Game startup parameters

The simplest and most basic way to optimize is to change the parameters of the game launch. It can be done exclusively through the Steam platform, but this is unlikely to be a problem, since most gamers already use it. And those who purchased not an electronic, but a physical copy of the game, can integrate it into Steam to be able to take advantage of the function necessary to improve the performance of DayZ Standalone. How to optimize this game through the startup options?

This is done quite simply - you need to select this project in your Stim library, right-click on it and select "Settings" from the drop-down menu. There on the "General" tab there is just a button that allows you to open a line of startup parameters.

The first thing you need to enter is winxp. This command launches the game in a peculiar mode of compatibility with the XP version of the operating system, that is, with the most minimal requirements. First, DirectX 9 is used, not 11, and secondly, it allows running the game on older video cards, which can not be done without using this command.

As you can see, already one command allows you to extend the capabilities of your version of DayZ Standalone. How to optimize the game even more? It is quite possible, you can do this using the same line of startup parameters.

Hardware Specification

A string of startup parameters allows you to specify specific data about your computer for the best possible use of the game DayZ Standalone.

How to optimize the project in this way? It's very simple - you just need to specify exactly what parameters are the main components of your computer.

For the processor, this is cpuCount, for memory - maxMem, and for the video card - maxVram. Naturally, after each of these commands it is necessary to prescribe a specific value. In the first case, you need to specify the number of cores of your processor, and in the second and third - the number of megabytes of memory at the operating table and the video card.

Thus, you will immediately give the game complete information about your computer, and it will be able to adapt to these specifications without trying to ask for what your machine can not give. It does not matter whether you choose official or pirated servers DayZ Standalone - these commands will work anyway.

High priority

If you use the parameters of running computer games in Steam, then, most likely, you already know about the high command - it works for all games. If not, you should first of all find out about it.

It's not so important whether you choose official or pirated servers DayZ Standalone, this command takes into account only your computer's information. It sets the game to be launched as the highest priority, that is, when allocating computer resources, the maximum part will be sent to maintain the functioning of this particular game. This is a very useful command, and it can help you run on not the most powerful machine, not only DayZ, but other games.

Now you know how to optimize DayZ Standalone - pirate, however, is not subject to such changes, as it can not be integrated into Steam. Accordingly, you can not set the startup parameters, but you can rummage in the config file - this will be discussed a little later.

Accelerating downloads

If you want your game to load faster, you can achieve this by using the same line of startup parameters. Many will have a question about how to fit all the commands in one line.

The fact is that the string is infinite, and in it you can enter as many commands as you wish. You will only need to put a "-" sign before each to separate them.

Now you have learned how to create a DayZ Standalone-config with startup parameters - you only need to add there commands noSplash and noPause, which significantly speed up the download process. But now it's worth looking at deeper aspects that are better left alone if you are not particularly versed in the issue of configuring games.

Creating a config

Gamers who have been playing network projects for a long time, have learned to understand the config files, which allows them to adjust the game for themselves.

The configuration file contains a wide variety of information about the game, which you can change. For example, you can reduce the CPU load, disable some gaming aspects, and so on. Moreover, you can change the control and other parameters, so this is a very convenient method, but it is only for advanced users. If you delete an extra line or change the value of an unknown parameter, you can regret it.

Changing the graphic settings

If you decide to play DayZ Standalone on the network, then you will also need to change the video settings. Here everything is quite simple - try to set all parameters to a minimum, disable various beauties, such as the detailing of clouds and shadows. This way you can improve the game's performance.

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